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Family fun with Coffee

Posted on April 11, 2022

Time spent with family is supposed to be a way for us to take a break from the busy everyday lives we lead, and provide a sense of comfort. Family time is meant to revive us!

However, for some, the thought of seeing family can raise a tinge of anxiety and discomfort. Perhaps a previous encounter with old aunt Mallory, and her interrogating your love life causes some dread.

Regardless, it is important to connect with the people close to you, as family is always there when others are not! To help create connections with your loved ones, we suggest using coffee. That's correct, coffee!

Below are 5 ways to help you break the ice and have family fun with coffee.

1. Perfect Morning Ice Breaker? You guessed it, Coffee.

Having family over for the weekend, and you wake up to them sitting around the living room, busy on their phones? Get the morning started by showcasing your range of coffee and getting the machine started!

Now everyone can come together to make their preferred coffee and enjoy a perfect cuppa. Ice broken! Easy right?

2. Coffee that brings everyone together!

We're all individuals, with our own views and opinions. This especially shows when a family gets together and a disagreement arises, possibly leading to locked horns.

When this happens, save the day by offering everyone a coffee. However, let each person choose their own coffee capsule, allowing their individuality to shine, while showing we can all agree on one thing: coffee. Unless there's the one family member who is a tea drinker! Either way, a hot cuppa can always help slow things down.

3. Relaxed Coffee Tasting

It can be difficult to find activities for the family to enjoy. However, coffee tasting is an activity everyone can get behind as everyone is a coffee lover (most people at least). If the kids want to join, let them pretend with some tea or hot chocolate.

Just ensure your coffee tasting is: 1. Enjoyable. Don't get too serious, just discuss the notes you taste. 2. Fun. Have fun and even try a coffee pairing. Did you know pizza can pair well with coffee? Read more about pizza and coffee pairing!.

4. Evening coffee with a kick

Spice up the evening for yourself and the family (over 18) with some delicious espresso martinis. This is bound to have everyone unwinding and feeling jolly. So, ensure you have everything on hand to whip out the shaker and show off your skills to the family.

5. Give the gift of a coffee voucher

What better way to ensure everyone leaves with something worthwhile and something they can remember each other with than a Gift Voucher that they can use anytime to buy any CCD product they wish to.

Family gatherings can be a pain in the you know what but let us be honest, the best things in life sometimes don't come easy. They require effort, and so do your family relationships.