Since their introduction in 1986, Nespresso coffee pods have shaken up the way we make our coffee. From its historical significance to its impact on socialisation, cultural customs, economics, the environment, and media, coffee culture is more predominant than ever. Just about every individual starts their day with a cup of coffee and Nespresso machines have made this morning ritual easier than ever.

We, at Coffee Capsules Direct, supply a range of coffee capsules and accessories at an affordable price for you to live your coffee dream with convenience. Our Nespresso coffee pods have become a top seller. Offering a variety of flavours, roasts, and blends at discounted prices, it's no wonder these coffee pods are in such high demand.

Keep reading to learn more about the impact and etiquette of coffee culture as well as how our Nespresso-compatible pods contribute to this booming industry.


Nespresso Coffee Pods: Coffee Etiquette

Coffee, in its various forms, is enjoyed daily all over the world. Because of this mass following, transcending social class and catering to a variety of palates, we think embracing and sharing coffee etiquette is important. We respect tradition, and the tradition of coffee culture and etiquette has been passed on since the 15th century.

Coffee etiquette involves social customs, manners, and brewing traditions. While these rules can vary by culture and personal preference, there are some basic standards that have stuck around since the very first cup of Joe. Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and look into the various trends that have shaped the way we enjoy our coffee.

Nespresso Coffee Pods: Offering Coffee

When hosting guests, it is often considered polite to offer them coffee upon arrival. Coffee after a main meal, or accompanied with a snack is also ideal. Our Nespresso coffee pods are perfect for catering to guests, offering a variety of options to satisfy different tastes and preferences.

Nespresso Coffee Pods: Brewing Coffee

A Nespresso machine offers a convenient and consistent way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. When making a cup of coffee using your Nespresso machine, it is important to use fresh, clean water, and to make sure your machine is clean. This will ensure your coffee taste is not affected by minerals in the water or the machine. Consider investing in our Caffenu cleaning pods and descaler to keep your machine in perfect condition.

It’s also important to remember that Nespresso coffee pods are designed for single use. We don’t recommend re-using a pod to make a second cup of coffee as the brew quality will be significantly lower, and your coffee machine may get damaged from reinserting the previously-punctured pod.

​​Cup size also plays an important role in the process since the type of coffee you like or choose can affect the size of the cup you use. This relates to the volume needed to achieve a drink, particularly with espresso-based drinks where the ratio of coffee to milk, as well as the type of milk, can determine which cup works best.

For example; espresso cups are usually on the smaller side. They come in either a single or double-shot format and, if drunk in the Italian style, tend to be sipped quickly for a concentrated burst of coffee and caffeine.

Below are some common types of coffee, as well as the recommended cup size:

  • Espresso: 4oz- 114ml (small)
  • Macchiato: 4oz- 114ml (small)
  • Cappuccino: 6oz- 140ml (medium)
  • Flat white: 6oz- 140ml (medium)
  • Americano: 8oz- 227ml (large)
  • Latte: 8oz-227ml (large)
  • Mocha: 8oz- 227ml (large)
  • Filter: 8oz- 227ml (large)

The list above provides a general guide to coffee cup sizes, but you can tweak your coffee size to cater to personal preferences too.


Nespresso Coffee Pods: Serving Coffee

Most coffee drinks are best served hot, so it's a good idea to preheat your coffee cups before brewing your coffee. This is as simple as filling your cup up with hot water and letting it warm up before starting the brewing process.

Nespresso Coffee Pods: Drinking Coffee

Whether you’re drinking coffee at the bar, at a restaurant or at home, the rules of coffee etiquette are simple. While not many people will want to stick to these tiresome rules on the daily, it can be an entertaining exercise to practice in your free time or impress your friends with your coffee knowledge – truly cementing yourself as a coffee connoisseur!

Firstly, it is usually considered good manners to ensure that the cup is never separated from its saucer while sipping your coffee. When drinking coffee, the right way to do it is to place the saucer in the palm of your left hand and pick up the cup by the handle with your right hand, then raise it to your mouth. Avoid making loud noises or slurping sounds when sipping and drinking coffee as this is considered impolite in most cultures.

There are also clear rules on how to sugar coffee correctly. If you drink your coffee with sugar, it’s best to stir it by moving the teaspoon from bottom to top, and not by twirling the teaspoon around in the cup. This rule also has a functional reasoning behind it: this way the foam on the top of the coffee will not be deflated.

Your coffee spoon is designed to stir the coffee and should be taken out of the cup when drinking. Never raise the teaspoon to the mouth and never leave it inside the cup either, even when you’ve finished your coffee; it must always be put back in the place you got it from: on the right-hand side of the saucer. Avoid over-stirring your coffee and also stir very gently to avoid clinking the spoon against the cup loudly.

A Few Final Tips

When using coffee pods, be considerate of the environment and recycle/compost your coffee pods. Secondly, don't forget to consider your fellow coffee enthusiasts and adjust your coffee pod selection to cater to one or more different preferences. Finally, don't forget to savour the moment and enjoy your coffee. Coffee capsule machines may speed up the coffee-making process, but don't let that rush you through the ritual. Enjoy the aroma, taste, and simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee.


Nespresso Coffee Pods: Coffee Capsules Direct

Founded in 2013 by two coffee addicts, Coffee Capsules Direct has grown into one of South Africa’s favourite coffee capsule suppliers. We deliver compatible coffee capsules at impressive bulk prices, allowing you to save money while getting your coffee conveniently delivered directly to your home or office.

Our Nespresso coffee pods are offered in single or bulk packs and range in strength. They are compatible with the following Original Line Nespresso coffee machines:

  • Nespresso Lattissima
  • Nespresso Pixie
  • Nespresso U and the U Milk
  • Nespresso CitiZ
  • Milano
  • Torino
  • Piccolo
  • Kmix
  • Caffeluxe Duo
  • Lattissima Touch and Pro
  • Maestria
  • Verona

These are just a few of the coffee machines that our Nespresso coffee pods are compatible with. If you are unsure whether our Nespresso coffee pods will fit into your coffee machine, please contact us or send us a picture of your coffee machine and we will do our best to find the best-suited capsule for you.

Our Nespresso-compatible pods also include the following brands:

Check out our website and explore all of the products we have on offer. We stock many different flavours, blends, roasts, and brands. Aside from coffee capsules, we also stock the following products:

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you find the perfect Nespresso coffee pods suited to your taste.