Most of us picture a Nescafé Dolce Gusto machine when we consider coffee makers. There are a number of reasons for this, but among them, Dolce Gusto is simply one of the most popular brands out there today. But what makes Dolce Gusto such a famous brand when so many different coffee pod machines have already saturated the market?

At Coffee Capsules Direct, we are uniquely positioned to understand and conclude why some coffee brands, pod machines and coffee beans perform better than others. This is because we work with a wide variety of coffee brands on a daily basis. We love Dolce Gusto as much as the next South African and have devoted ourselves to selling a range of coffee capsules that will be perfectly compatible with their machines.

We believe that one of the significant drivers that make Dolce Gusto as widespread as they are today is their range of coffee pod machines, which makes them perfect for just about every household. Keep reading to learn more about these magnificent coffee machines as well as how Coffee Capsules Direct makes it easier and more affordable for coffee lovers to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine, hassle-free.


Coffee Capsules Direct: Dolce Gusto-Compatible Pods

Coffee Capsules Direct is proud to be South Africa’s largest online coffee capsule distributor. But we do so much more, from providing detailed guides and blog posts about what you should be looking out for in the exciting world of coffee, to selling some of the most well-curated coffee beans from some of the best suppliers in South Africa. We also provide all the specialised cleaning equipment for your coffee capsule machines and even offer speciality tea, hot chocolate and coffee syrup too.

It is safe to say that, when it comes to warm beverages, Coffee Capsules Direct should be your top online shop. As mentioned earlier, we are massive fans of Dolce Gusto machines. So, we have curated some coffee pods that, while not Dolce Gusto pods by name, will be compatible with your Dolce Gusto machine.

Our range of Gimoka branded pods is premium-level quality and perfectly compatible with Dolce Gusto machines. So the next time you need to refill your pod selection or are looking for a range of exciting add-ons to your coffee experience, remember that, at Coffee Capsules Direct, we have the broadest range of Dolce Gusto-compatible pods on the South African market at a fraction of the price.

Taking Care Of Your Dolce Gusto Machine

Buying a Dolce Gusto device means making an investment in your coffee enjoyment. With that in mind, cleaning and maintaining the device is critical to having it last longer and repeatedly producing excellent quality coffee. In this section, we want to highlight how to clean your machine after use.

1. The water reservoir should occasionally be cleaned out, especially after it has been completely depleted through use. The drip tray is also bound to get dirty quickly, especially after several usages. So always make sure to occasionally remove the drip tray and reservoir for a quick rinse. This will stop coffee residue from building up in this area.

2. Some coffee capsule machines will require a cleaning capsule to keep the inner workings functional. However, Dolce Gusto machines require only some descaling. Continuous use of the machine results in limescale and calcium buildup, and this can sometimes ruin the taste of your coffee. Luckily for you, descaling your machine is simple when you use our Caffenu Descaler.

Picking Out The Perfect Machine

If you are interested in adding a coffee capsule machine to your kitchen then allow us to help you out. The Dolce Gusto range is extensive, and it can be difficult to decide on the right machine for your needs. Below we have covered two suggestions to help you get started. Both of these Dolce Gusto machines are compatible with our Gimoka coffee capsules and will allow you to brew on a budget without sacrificing quality.


Dolce Gusto Genio

What makes the Dolce Gusto Genio a great option is its truly brilliant engineering, fitting several great technical features into a small, compact machine. With the product coming in three colours – red, black and titanium, and even a plus-sized red model, you are sure to find a Dolce Gusto Genio that fits your aesthetic tastes too.

The Dolce Gusto Genio machine's name derives from the word “genius”, and this is an apt name for such a clever coffee maker. The Dolce Gusto Genio has made the process of making the perfect cup of coffee easier than ever before. Whether adjusting for cup size, temperature or strength, the Genio can do it all. Furthermore, the Genio offers compatibility with a wide variety of beverage options.

There are many things to appreciate about the Dolce Gusto Genio machine. But here are a few key features, from top to bottom, that make it such an excellent choice for any coffee enthusiast.

  • Mess-Free: Like with many of their Dolce Gusto machines, Nescafé wanted to design a coffee capsule device that made it easier for the consumer to use. One way to achieve this was to create a capsule insert system that contains the coffee grinds within the actual capsule container even after use, making it easy to dispose of while leaving your machine clean.
  • Temperature The Way You Like It: Nescafé understands that coffee lovers enjoy their hot beverages in ways unique to them, and one way they designed their coffee capsule devices to give customers that choice is with temperature control. The Genio has an easy-to-understand temperature control mechanism, making it easy to have a warm espresso or a lovely iced cappuccino, all within the same machine.
  • Better For The Environment: Nescafé is committed to making energy-responsible machines. The Dolce Gusto Genio showcases this commitment to being eco-friendly. The one-minute eco mode is built to automatically switch the device off after being idle for a few minutes. This helps you save on your energy bill at the end of the month and gives Genio an A rating on energy consumption.

When it comes to coffee machines, understanding the inner workings of the product before purchasing is critical. At Coffee Capsules Direct, we always urge our customers to educate themselves on every aspect of coffee making, from their capsule machine to their coffee brand. Luckily, Nescafé makes this easy to do, with all the technical information about their devices listed clearly on the Dolce Gusto website.

For the Genio, here is what you need to know:

  • The product's dimensions are as follows: a height of 17cm, with a depth of 26cm and a length of 30cm – making it a perfectly compact machine. With a weight of 2.7 kg, you have a device designed with space in mind, as it will not take up your whole kitchen counter while still being a statement piece that will grab the attention of your guests, friends and family.
  • Above, we mentioned the A rating for energy consumption with the eco mode. But this goes deeper. The Genio has a powerful 1500 w energy source and boasts 230 volts. So, although it is energy efficient, it is also powerful enough to handle every beverage task.
  • With a manufacturer's one-year warranty, this machine is built to last and will give you the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Dolce Gusto Esperta

At Coffee Capsules Direct, we love innovation in the coffee space and are continually searching for products that accomplish a step forward that we can share with our consumer base. Nothing embodies innovation more than Nescafé’s forward-looking Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee capsule machine.

The Dolce Gusto Esperta has made it easier than ever before to get closer to that great cup of coffee from your favourite café in the comfort of your own home – using the latest Bluetooth technology and combining it with an elegant and intelligent design. Esperta’s ability to easily tailor and remember the coffee profile for every person using the machine allows everyone to enjoy coffee the way they like it, every time.

With the freedom and creativity of the Dolce Gusto Esperta, there are so many exciting things to learn. So, let's look at some of the great features and technical specifications that make Esperta the most advanced coffee capsule device Nescafé has manufactured so far.

  • Bluetooth Timing: With advanced Bluetooth technology incorporated into the Dolce Gusto Esperta, you have more control over your coffee capsule machine. One aspect that highlights this benefit is scheduling your coffee times using your mobile device. You can set the time you want your machine to begin the brewing process, even setting the coffee cup size and the temperature at which you would like your coffee.
  • Espresso Boost Technology: For those who consider themselves connoisseurs, the Dolce Gusto Esperta even has Nescafé’s espresso boost technology included. This technology acts to moisten the coffee in the pod before the brewing process even begins. This directly impacts the result, leaving you with a more concentrated espresso with a greater taste profile than ever before.
  • Delicate Brew Technology: The innovation does not stop there. The Dolce Gusto Esperta also includes a delicate brew setting, which is perfect for aromatic coffee capsules. With a touch of a button, your Esperta will delicately brew the coffee in a slower, more methodical manner, leaving you with the aromatics and balance of a high-end cup of coffee.

With all the technological features listed above and its unique design, you may wonder whether you will have the space in your kitchen to house this brilliant machine. Luckily, the device was designed with efficiency in mind, with the Esperta sporting a modern, compact design.

Let us look at the numbers below:

  • Dimension-wise, the Esperta is only 34cm in height. It is also 27cm in length and 24cm in depth, making it closely comparable with other devices in the Nescafé catalogue.
  • It has a 1.4L tank, one of the largest reservoirs attached to any Nescafé machine, allowing it to produce more cups of coffee than most.
  • The Esperta is also energy efficient with exactly the same 1500w energy source, which converts to between 220 and 240 volts in the Esperta.

These are just two of the many Dolce Gusto machines that are compatible with our Dolce Gusto coffee pods. For more information on Coffee Capsules Direct and our impressive supply of coffee-related products, don’t hesitate to browse our website and pick out the perfect pods to kickstart your morning the right way.