General Questions

Do you export overseas?

What water should I use to run the coffee machine?

Delivery Questions

Why are we charging for delivery?

How long does delivery take?

Why haven’t I received my tracking number yet?

Payment Problems

I am struggling to make payment on the online store

Compatibility Questions

Do your compatible capsules fit in my Nespresso® machine?

Will the capsules damage my Nespresso® machine?

Can the capsule melt in my machine?

Product Questions

Why is there no bulk discount when I order 200 capsules in total?

Can I exchange flavour X for Y in a mixed product pack?

The product I would like to buy is not in stock

Looking for a specific product or blend?

Coffee Machine Questions

Do you sell coffee machines?

My machine needs a service. Any idea who could do a service/repair?

Capsule takes way too long to make a coffee/flow is too slow. Why is that?

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