If good coffee alone is not enough to tickle your tastebuds, why not enhance the flavour with a touch of delicious coffee syrup? Any coffee lover with a sweet tooth will appreciate adding an extra bit of magic to their favourite cup of coffee, and our Nettari line of coffee syrup is as close to magic as you can get.

In this quick guide, we will fill you in on everything you need to know about our popular coffee syrups and let you know how Coffee Capsules Direct can sweeten up your life along with your coffee!

What Is Coffee Syrup For?

Some say that ‘Just Black’ is the only way coffee should be enjoyed; however, many coffee lovers prefer to add a little extra flavour to their drinks. Coffee syrup is the perfect way to do just that. Our range of coffee syrup is one of flavourful concoctions, allowing you to add a touch of sweetness to your morning cup of Joe.

What Syrup Is Added To Coffee?

While plenty of coffee syrups are available on the market, our Nettari range is the one to beat. Our coffee capsules and syrups are ready and waiting for you. Look through our online store and have your next sweet treat delivered directly to your door.

Here’s a quick list of the various flavours and coffee syrup combos you can pick from Coffee Capsules Direct

  • Nettari Hazelnut Syrup: This is a rich and nutty coffee syrup with a combination of raw and roasted caramelised hazelnuts. Bursting with flavour, this coffee syrup is perfect for adding a decadent, nutty kick to your favourite coffee.
  • Nettari Himalayan Salted Caramel Syrup: This syrupy-sweet option has a rich, buttery condensed milk profile, perfectly balanced with Himalayan salt. Gone are the days of adding butter to your coffee when this salty-sweet concoction is around.
  • Nettari Vanilla Syrup: With fragrant Madagascan vanilla notes, this coffee syrup is anything but ordinary. If overt sweetness is not your style, the Nettari Vanilla Syrup is the perfect solution.
  • Flavoured Coffee And Syrup Bundle: This bundle allows you to be your own barista with 30 coffee capsules and Vanilla, Hazelnut & Salted Caramel Syrup. Whip up a flavoured latte or spice up your beverage with this sweet deal.
  • Vanilla Coffee And Syrup Bundle: This combo sweetens the deal with 40 Nespresso -compatible coffee capsules and the Nettari Vanilla Syrup. If vanilla lattes are something you see in your future, this bundle has your name on it.
  • Choc Hazelnut Coffee And Syrup Bundle: Chocolate hazelnut coffee sounds too luxurious to be true, but that’s precisely what you’ll be able to craft with this decadent combo. With 40 Choc Hazelnut flavoured coffee capsules and the Nettari Hazelnut Syrup, you’re all set to craft your coffee heaven from the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Caramel Coffee And Syrup Bundle: If caramel lattes are your guilty pleasure, then prepare to indulge with this tasty bundle. The 40 Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules and our Nettari Himalayan Salted Caramel Syrup are a recipe for success.

Can I Put Coffee Syrup In Hot Coffee?

Nettari coffee syrups can be added to just about any beverage, hot or cold. You can use your favourite coffee syrup to flavour coffee, tea, or hot chocolate or whip up a latte – Barista-style. Some people use coffee syrup rather than sugar as it integrates with coffee more easily with the same sweetness. Others like to use coffee syrup as a non-creamer way to enhance their drinks with specific flavours. A general rule of thumb is to use one tablespoon of syrup to replace one sugar packet.

Where Did Coffee Syrup Originate?

The origin of coffee syrup has a few different stories. Still, it is most commonly said to have originated during the influx of Italian or Portuguese immigrants to Rhodes Island in the 19th century. These folks, or the generations preceding them, drank a sweetened coffee with plenty of milk at home. By the 1930s, the drink was featured at ‘Soda Fountains’, known as popular corner restaurants or Cafes today. This version was made by stirring syrup made from coffee and sugar into ice-cold milk.

In 1932, the first commercial coffee syrup was born. Strangely enough, this was not in its home town of Rhodes Island but in neighbouring Massachusetts. The manufacturer was Silmo, and the product was a hit. By 1938, a Rhode Island brand launched its own version, and by the 40s, others started entering the coffee syrup fray. There was competition among the brands and spirited disagreements between folks that thought that this or that syrup was best, and like so many recipes, this will still be an ongoing debate.

That is why we stock and deliver only the best coffee products at Coffee Capsules Direct.

The history and origins of coffee strains or syrups might be debated by many, but the delicious drink will always remain in high regard, and that is what we bring to your table— or coffee counter. But you know what we mean, and we know what you want.

Like happiness, coffee comes in many forms and at various times and places. It also comes in different tastes and flavour combinations. Allegedly, they all started on the ancient Ethiopian plateau when a goat herder noticed his goats eating a berry that made them so energetic they couldn’t sleep at night.

The local monks found that the berries enabled them to stay alert for long hours of prayer, and coffee eventually spread to the Arabian Peninsula and Europe, then to Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas and finally, to Africa. Today, coffee and coffee syrup (and coffee pods and coffee machines) are available worldwide, from Africa to Antarctica and Alaska to America. Coffee is now not just a drink but a very sincere institution for many and most.

Coffee Syrup: Nettari And Coffee Pods

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide; on average, around 400 billion cups are consumed each year. There are many different ways to enjoy your coffee, whether it’s a classic latte or cappuccino, a cold brew, or some flavoured coffee-syrup extravaganza. As a result, it is a drink that appeals to so many different tastes. It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or not; the perfect coffee is waiting to be made, and Coffee Capsules Direct is here to help.

From our Nettari Syrup collection, you can expect premium-flavoured artisanal syrups to help you live out your Barista dreams. Whether you want to whip up something fanciful or sweeten your tea, our coffee syrups are the ingredients you need. Formulated with concentrated extracts and oils that are distinctly noticeable in the syrup, this high-quality range of coffee syrups will have you enjoying first-class service in your very own kitchen.


Combine these delicious sweeteners with our range of coffee capsules, and you are just about ready to cut the celebratory ribbon of your own coffee shop. We offer Nespresso-compatible coffee pods, Dolce Gusto-compatible capsules, and much more, giving you a broad range of options for picking out the perfect coffee pods and package deals.

Here are some products you can expect when you browse our online store:

About Coffee Capsules Direct

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