K-fee® & Caffitaly® Compatible Coffee Capsules

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Coffee Capsules Direct offers you a wide selection of coffee capsules compatible with K-fee® Espresto and Caffitaly® capsule coffee machines. Find a coffee to suit your taste buds; strong and bold coffee with the Deciso, or a caffeine-free Soave Decaffe. You can even find an organic Brazilian blend for your K-fee® Espresto or Caffitaly® machine.

Get your coffee capsules in singles or in variety packs with a bigger saving on top. And don’t forget, if your machine is in need of a clean, we've also got cleaning capsules for your K-fee® or Caffitaly® machine.

Compatible with K-fee® Wave & Preferenza Espresso machines as well as all Caffitaly® coffee machines including but not limited to the following machines: Caffitaly S04, Caffitaly S03, Caffitaly S05, Caffitaly S06HS Nautilus, Caffitaly Amante, Caffitaly Gaggia Evolutions, Caffitaly K111 D Gaggia, Caffitaly S11HS Nautilus, Caffitaly Diadema, Gaggia Caffitaly, Gaggia K111D.

*Disclaimer: K-fee® is a registered trademark of K-fee System GmbH. Caffitaly® is a registered trademark of Caffitaly System s.p.a.