Tea & Superfoods

If you are looking for delicious coffee alternatives for you or your family to enjoy, then look no further. Coffee capsules direct offers you a range of teas & superfoods, as well as hot chocolates to indulge in!

You can find various delightful instant beverages, such as an instant red espresso Vanilla or Spiced Chai. Enjoy a hot cup of rooibos tea? You can get a variety of red espresso Nespresso® compatible Rooibos capsules right here, including Caramel Rooibos. You can also find yummy instant Rooibos sachets!

Get a taste of healthy superfoods with the Nespresso® compatible Superfood capsules. Brew a Green Tea Matcha for a slow energy release and calm concentration. What’s great is that you can even get the Superfood drinks as a powder!


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