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Dolce Gusto Pods: Compatible Coffee Capsules

Posted on September 10, 2023

If you’re anything like the rest of us coffee lovers, it may seem unbelievable that there was a time, not even that long ago, when the convenience of Dolce Gusto pods was nothing but an idea. Before coffee pods, the only way for you to get a café-grade coffee was to actually visit a cafe that made cafe-grade coffee. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and the wonderful people at Nescafé and many other brands have made quality espresso-style coffee attainable at the tap of a button.

Even the purest coffee connoisseurs can appreciate the innovation of the coffee pod system, which is the Dolce Gusto machine range. The Dolce Gusto pods offer a smart, simple, and convenient way to bring café-quality goodness right into your home. Each capsule, or pod, is expertly sealed to hold the utmost freshness for that much longer, whether it’s coffee, velvety milk for frothing, or even a delicious hot chocolate if that’s your thing.

The multitude of selections of quality hot beverages available in an instant, without the conventional hassle or mess that beans bring, makes it little wonder that the Nescafé brand, themselves, refer to these small machines as “little wizards”. They’re the perfect junction where convenience, quality, and value for money all meet to bring you coffee bliss. Like any rational person, we’re putting this invention right up there with the printing press, electricity, and the smartphone.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect coffee pods for your Dolce Gusto machine, look no further than Coffee Capsules Direct – and keep reading so we can fill you in on precisely why our team of coffee connoisseurs are your go-to supplier of all things coffee-related.

Why Coffee Capsules Direct?

Even though coffee pod systems were initially marketed towards high-end consumers, recent years have seen them become an increasingly popular household item. However, while the machines have become notably more affordable, for the average South African, Dolce Gusto pods in particular, have not. In fact, it is a well-known fact that the brands have made it a point to generate a larger majority of the revenue through the pods rather than the actual pod machines…

And this is precisely where Coffee Capsules Direct comes in, making the difference. We offer a convenient and affordable alternative to the over-inflated prices of branded capsules, in the form of perfectly compatible coffee pods at a price that makes having a capsule machine worth it. So, if you own any of the Dolce Gusto machines, we’re here to give you the peace of mind that there is an even more affordable way to enjoy your favourite hot drinks at home, without the upfront expense of costly coffee pods or the need to grind your own beans.

How To Choose The Right Dolce Gusto Pods


They say that variety is the spice of life. While a pod system carries countless benefits, arguably one of the best regarding Dolce Gusto pods is the variety of different blends available. Contrary to traditional coffee-making methods, Dolce Gusto allows you a range of different choices at the drop of a pod, as long as you have them in stock. No matter your taste or preference, Coffee Capsules Direct has something for everyone. Just take a look at our Dolce Gusto pods range down below.

Gimoka Lungo

If long coffee is your thing, the Gimoka Lungo is for you. Made with an Arabica blend from Central America, this pod generates a fragrant coffee, complemented with fruity notes and a well-balanced body that is best enjoyed with 120ml of water. For the perfect compromise between the short that is an espresso, and a larger coffee that is an Americano, give the Lungo a try.

Gimoka Vellutato

For something more traditional, the Gimoka Vellutato is a dependable option you can rely on for an instant kick when you need it most. The 100% Arabica fragrant blend is made with the finest coffee beans from Central and South America. This pod coffee has a mild intensity with an aroma that would have made you think otherwise. The delicate and soft flavour combined with a pleasant acidity, thanks to a medium roasting process, makes it an absolute joy on the palette.

Gimoka Soave Decaffe

If you’re the type of coffee drinker who simply can’t get enough, the Gimoka Soave Decaffe comes highly recommended. Enjoy a decaffeinated blend that still offers a full and rich taste at any time of the day, whether first thing in the morning or as a gentle nightcap to round off the evening - without compromising on any sleep or resting time.

Gimoka Caffe Latte

With Dolce Gusto pods and the Gimoka Caffe Latte, you can transform into an instant home barista. A rich, creamy flavour awaits you with this great-tasting Caffé Latte. A newly formulated blend topped with a creamy, silky foam makes this the go-to pod if you enjoy milky coffees - and all at the touch of a button.

Gimoka Americano

There is nothing wrong with a classic. If you like to keep things simple, or you’re the purest of pure, the Gimoka Americano is for you. The medium-roasted blend will hit all the right spots with its rich aroma and bold taste. You can add milk or enjoy it black as the coffee gods intended.

Gimoka Cappuccino

Another classic that you can’t go wrong with, the Gimoka Cappuccino becomes a thing of beauty. With a scientifically engineered process, the combination of one coffee pod and one milk pod blends perfectly to bring you a rich, creamy, and consistent foamy bliss in a cup – a world-class cappuccino in the comfort of your own home.

Gimoka Hot Chocolate

Who said that coffee machines were only meant for coffee? If hot chocolate is your thing, we’ve got something for you too. With Dolce Gusto pods, the winter staple is made easy. Simply pop a Gimoka Hot Chocolate pod in your machine, and you’ll have silky, foamy, chocolatey goodness in no time.

All of these capsules are compatible with the Circolo, Creativa, Fontana, Jovia, Genio, Esperta, Melody, Mini me, Oblo, Piccolo, and Caffeluxe Duo Dolce Gusto coffee machines, to name a few. If you’re not sure whether your machine is Dolce Gusto compatible, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you with the issue.

About Gimoka

Gimoka describes itself as “affordable modernity” and is one of the leading Italian coffee roasters. Founded in the 80s, long before the rise in popularity of coffee capsules, the family company has, over the years, pivoted to becoming an important player in the compatible coffee pod arena. They now offer compatible capsules for the biggest brands in the world including Nescafé, Lavazza, Nespresso, and Senseo.

Dolce Gusto Pods From Coffee Capsules Direct


There is no shortage of reasons to own and use a Dolce Gusto machine, but just in case the variety of flavoured pods isn’t enough for you, we here at Coffee Capsule Direct thought it would be good to list the many other benefits that come with owning a coffee pod machine.


While coffee pods, in general, already bring some relief to your pocket (compared to cafe offerings), Dolce Gusto pods from Coffee Capsules Direct bring even greater value to the consumer than that of the “big brands”. The Gimoka capsules we offer are much more affordable without any compromise on taste and/or quality.


Knowing that you will get the same quality brew with each capsule is arguably the most underrated benefit of having a coffee pod system. Precisely portioned coffee grounds in each capsule ensure a consistent flavour with each cup, leaving you knowing what to expect every time, all of the time.


In today’s busy world, convenience is a somewhat precious commodity that most people value. Coffee capsule systems simplify the coffee-making process like no other, barring having someone else make your coffee for you. With the wide variety of Dolce Gusto pods available, you can have your favourite cup of coffee, cappuccino, or even caffe latte ready in a matter of moments.

Easy clean up

Thought that convenience ends at making the brew? Think again. Cleaning up after you have made your cup of coffee is a breeze. Simply open the tray, take out the pod, and discard it in the manner that you prefer. If you ask us, it easily beats washing out a plunger or filter any day of the week.


It’s no secret that in the early days, the coffee capsule industry faced a lot of scrutiny due to the negative impact the single-use aluminium or plastic capsules had on the environment. But a lot has changed since then and with the backing of major coffee brands, there has been a monumental shift in the sustainability and recycling of coffee capsules in recent years. You can rest assured that all Dolce Gusto pods from Coffee Capsules Direct are 100% recyclable.

Fresher for longer

When compared to freshly ground beans, the flavour and intensity inside coffee capsules stay fresh for a lot longer, whereas most beans tend to start losing those attributes as soon as the pack is opened - no matter how you try to keep it sealed. With some good air-tight containers, one could keep coffee pods as fresh as the day they were manufactured for up to 18 months!

Bulk savings

If the already-discounted prices aren’t enough, we offer EVEN MORE savings when you buy our Dolce Gusto pods in bulk. Whether it’s our full range variety pack of 112 pods including all flavours, variety bundles of 64 or 48 capsules, or our lucky packet offering of 40 randomly selected pods for those who like to dare, you can expect discounts upwards of 25%!

Effortless descaling

Any coffee machine or kettle is required to undergo descaling at some point or another. Continuous use results in limescale and calcium buildup, which can drastically affect the taste and quality of coffee. Pod systems make this process effortless. Some systems simply require a cleaning capsule while others, like Dolce Gusto, require a descaling solution.


Whether you’re a true coffee aficionado or you have only just discovered the magical world of Dolce Gusto machines, we’re here to help you save on the capsules, while providing a timely and professional service too. Coffee Capsules Direct was founded by two coffee-crazy individuals who sought a way around paying outrageous amounts for their coffee fixes. Today, they bring this same concept to thousands of South Africans daily.

If you, too, would like to join the club and order Dolce Gusto-compatible pods, or any other compatible capsules that we offer, delivered conveniently to your office or home, get in contact and place your order today!