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Rooibos Hot Chocolate

Posted on May 16, 2016

Rooibos Hot Chocolate sounds like something Willy Wonka might have come up with. I mean it's not THAT strange, but it's strange enough that it should make you say, "Yeah I'll try that! Why not!"  In my opinion, white hot chocolate is too decadent. And regular hot chocolate is often too rich to enjoy an entire mug. A healthy and delicious medium can thus be found in the Rooibos Hot Chocolate.

To all the parents out there looking for the healthy option hot drink for your kids in the upcoming cooler months, why not give this recipe a try?  Rooibos carries a host of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that your average hot chocolate doesn't.  So maybe this time round, when your little treasure asks for a glass of hot chocolate before bed to have with their bedtime story, why don't you excite them into having something new and let them at this Rooibos Hot Chocolate instead?

You need:

For you to enjoy this interesting delight you're going to need a latte glass, 25grams of white chocolate powder, an express double shot of red espresso® and 140ml of steamed milk.  If you're making it as a bedtime drink for your darling, it's going to taste just as delicious in their favourite sippy-cup.  To cool it down you could add some cold milk in right at the end.


First, add the white chocolate powder and double shot of red espresso® together in the latte glass. Stir until the white hot chocolate powder is dissolved completely. Add the red espresso® and the steamed milk, keeping the foam on top of drink. Spice up the Rooibos Hot Chocolate with a dusting of crumbled ginger biscuits. To enjoy this winter delight, you can find the red espresso® capsules - on our online store and the white chocolate powder - here.