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The World´s First Capsule that cleans your Nespresso® Machine

Posted on October 4, 2015

Introducing Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Combining the power of cleaning with the convenience of a capsule!

What is Hiding Inside Your Nespresso® Coffee Machine?


Dirty Washerplate of Nespresso Machine


Clean Washerplate of Nespresso Machine

Nespresso® coffee machines collect a fair amount of oils, tannins and granules that build up inside the brewing chamber of the coffee machine which you cannot get rid of with conventional cleaning methods, not even by descaling your machine. The problem of dirty and blocked brewing chambers has increased by the advent of flavoured coffees, as well as tea and hot chocolate capsules, these all leave residue in the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. The only way to clean these parts of your machine is to actually disassemble it. Until now!

Introducing Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

From now on you will be able to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine the nu way by simply inserting the Cleaning Capsule just like a coffee capsule in the front of your coffee machine. The capsule releases a unique foaming action inside the brewing chamber that gets rid of all residue build up in just 2 minutes. The ingredient inside the Cleaning Capsule is 100% safe made from biodegradable and organic materials, making your Nespresso® coffee machine as good as nu.

Caffenu Multiple Benefits

Recommended Usage

We recommend you use one Cleaning Capsule per week. When using Caffenu® for the first time, use 2 Cleaning Capsules to do a deep clean. You will be surprised what comes out of your coffee machine!


The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specifically designed for the Nespresso® system and is compatible with all Nespresso® machines at date of manufacture, as well as Caffeluxe® and Nespresso® compatible machines.

Don´t Just Take Our Word For It

  • Lance du Toit – Coffee Lover “You can´t imagine what came out of my machine the first time I did a deep clean with this capsule. What a difference!”
  • Megan Muller – Professional Barista Trainer for Ciro Coffee “Professional Baristas clean their equipment every single day. The Cleaning Capsule makes it possible for Nespresso® owners to do the same, and look after their machines. Fantastic product.”
  • Eugene Meier – Nespresso® machine owner “My wife loves tea and hot chocolate capsules, and I hated it, because I could always taste it afterwards in my coffee. Now I just pop a cleaning capsule in, and the coffee tastes the way it should.”