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Radical Rooibos and other Red Facts

Posted on July 22, 2016

We are beyond excited to announce the newest addition to our Coffee capsules direct family: the new red espresso® Rooibos Chai tea capsules! red espresso® Chai is an exotic blend of award-winning Rooibos tea infused with fragrant chai spices to create a rich, creamy chai red latte that melts in your mouth – just add milk. Naturally caffeine-free, sugar free and full of the goodness of Rooibos tea, our chai red latte® will calm your mind, warm your heart and nourish your soul.

It’s the best part of your day. The new chai capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines including the U machine. So we ask ourselves, why does coffee taste great in RED? The colour Red stands apart from other colours insomuch as it holds particular meaningful and symbolic qualities. The colour red, much like a cuppa Red Chai Latte, is generally associated with notions of passion, desire, heat, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, willpower and determination – to name just a few. Moreover, Red is tied to personality traits that include assertiveness, energy, determination, power and enthusiasm. It follows that Red is to be considered the intrinsic colour of life itself.

The similarities between "Red" and Coffee

Now, for all these reasons and more, we can logically connect the colour red to a wonderfully stimulant drink called coffee. For coffee in itself holds many similarities to red in the light of their overlapping symbolic qualities. For instance, while the colour red has the ability to make people focus their attention rapidly and enable them to make quick decisions, coffee tends to have the very same effect. It is undoubtedly true that coffee exerts a passionate effect on its consumers and has a similarly ‘energizing’ effect. While the colour red is said to increase enthusiasm by increasing the blood pressure and heartbeat, having a cup of (or a few cups!) coffee similarly encourages action and confidence.

Red cappuccino made from Rooibos

Given their similarities then, it’s no wonder that humankind has successfully combined the colour red with coffee in some delicious ways. Consider “Red Rooibos Cappuccino” or “Red Espresso” for instance. Now, while these creations are named to resemble combinations of ‘red’ and ‘coffee’, what makes it really appealing and strikes yet another overtone with the colour of red – is that it’s actually made from rooibos tea! This might seem like madness at first thought, but don’t you underestimate the powers of the Red Cappuccino. While it contains no caffeine like your typical coffee, it’s loaded instead with goodness in the form of antioxidants. The red colouring of the tea mixed with the foam as infused with the complexities of those particular earthy, nutty and vanilla undertones – makes it the perfect Red/Coffee creation! Be sure to try the Red Cappuccino from our excellent selection of Rooibos products today.