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Keep it Clean with Caffenu

Posted on October 20, 2020

Coffee is a very oily beverage which leaves dirty residue in the brew chamber, spout and nozzle every time you make a coffee. In addition you can find limescale and mineral build up in the water you use to make the coffee which can lead to loss of heating efficiency or bluntly said: cold coffee. To keep your coffee fresh, we've compiled our 5 Top Tips to keep your coffee machine clean, giving you the best coffee one cup at a time!

TIP 1 - Rinse & Preheat

Did you know that pouring coffee into a cold cup doesn’t only make your coffee cold, it can also affect the taste of it? This is why Barista's make sure the coffee cup is warm before pouring the coffee. This step will also help you rinse your machine and gauge if the machine needs a proper clean. The Caffenu cleaning capsule will make sure to clean the hard to reach places to break down hardened oils, and debris.

TIP 2 - Clean & Soak

It goes without saying that the drip tray and capsule basket of your machine can also build up some nasty coffee stains and bacteria. Use the the cleaning solution collected in the basket to clean these parts. Soak the drip tray and capsule basket in the cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes, then give them a scrub and rinse. It’s as easy as that!

TIP 3 - Descale Regularly

If the heating element or thermo block are covered in lime scale, the machine is unable to heat up the water efficiently, resulting in cold, bad tasting coffee. The Caffenu Eco Descaler, which has been specifically developed for descaling of coffee machines and is eco-friendly at the same time. Descaling with a proper solution thoroughly removes the build-up of those horrible deposits and keeps your machine running as it should, ensuring you continue to enjoy your coffee! Doing so will also prolong the life span of your coffee maker, avoiding the need to go and buy a new one.

TIP 4 - Use Fresh, Filtered Water

The water you put through your coffee machine is more important than you think. Changing the water inside your coffee machine’s water tank can not only prevent dirty water entering the pipes of your machine, but also help to avoid stale tasting coffee. You can also better the taste of your coffee by switching to filtered water. Using filtered water also helps to keep the build-up of lime scale inside of your machine to an absolute minimum, helping to prolong the life span of your coffee machine.

TIP 5 - Keep Bacteria at Bay

The bacteria build up in your machine can ultimately make you sick. This is not a nice thought, but easy to fix, as the dirt and bacteria can be kept away by doing a little cleaning! To keep bacteria at bay, you should regularly empty out any removable coffee machine parts, for example both the basket and the drip tray, as well as give them a soak and clean every now and then. Run a cleaning capsule through your machine after every 30 caps of coffee or at least once a month, this will keep bacteria out of the brewing chamber of your much loved machine.  Treat your coffee machine right, and it will give you fresh tasting coffee without any

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