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Festive Coffee Recipes: 5 coffee-infused recipes for this Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2021

As Christmas approaches, you may find yourself pondering the wonderful treats you want to enjoy, especially after the long year you've endured!

If, however, you are struggling with ideas of delights to make, because we all know there's so many other things to think of over the festive period, worry not! We rummaged through our blogs and put together 5 coffee-infused recipes for this Christmas.

Hopefully one, or all of these recipes, will spark joy for your taste buds this festive season!

  1. This recipe is number 1 because it's a combination of two greats: mousse, and tiramisu! It is also perfect for the summer time. So, give this scrumptious Tiramisu Mousse recipe a go, this Christmas.
  2. Need to wind down from the festive rush? Why not kick back with a cheeky little Espresso Martini! Caution: This one's for the 18's and over, only. Perhaps you'll be kind enough to leave one out for Santa on Christmas eve!
  3. Wow the family and friends on Christmas day with a yummy Coffee Cheesecake. This tried and tested, no-bake dessert will not disappoint! Just be sure to put an extra slice aside for you to enjoy after everyone has left.
  4. If you're looking to try something exotic this Christmas, then you might want to check out the Vietnamese Coffee Cake recipe. This one includes coffee, spice, and everything nice - a sure-fire way to shake things up this festive season!
  5. This last one is for the chocolate brownie lovers. Nothing goes down quite like a fresh brownie - a true classical dessert. However, this Espresso Chocolate Brownie recipe puts a twist on the classic.

If we were not able to list something that entices your taste buds, then have a look at our other recipes. Perhaps you have a delicioso coffee-infused recipe you could suggest to us?

If you are just in need of some coffee, then click right here.