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Your Coffee is Just a Snap Away

Posted on October 8, 2015

So imagine this, you just found these amazing products online. You add them to your shopping cart, and you can already imagine what you are going to do with them once they arrive. The only thing that stands between you and your favourite coffee blend (or shoes) is making the payment. But once again, the stupid online payment gateway just won´t work. What a pain. The truth is, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to pay online. At least, that used to be the case. What if I told you that you never have to type your card number in again when making an online payment?

Use Your Smartphone to Pay Online

SnapScan for Mobile Purchases

Online Payments just got a whole lot easier with the help of SnapScan, a mobile application where you pay by using your smartphone! Big Ecommerce Retailers such as Superbalist,, and PriceCheck have already added it as an alternative payment method for its shoppers. Now you can also snap away when getting your caffeine fix on Coffee Capsules Direct.

SnapScan is safe, easy and freeSnapScan works with any Bank

The SnapScan App is powered by South Africa´s largest bank, Standard Bank (Read the article here). This payment gateway provides the kind of speed and security that makes it an easy choice for anyone. Whether you're with Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec or Investec: Get snapping! SnapScan is completely free for users to download and use. Network operator data charges do apply, but the app is less than 10 MB in size, and transactions use very little data, about the same amount as a single WhatsApp message. The fact is: You have more money to spend on coffee. The benefit to the user is clear. You will only have to enter your card details once, on your own device and not on the websites themselves.

But how does SnapScan actually work?

Snapscan Payments

All you need to do is download the app on your phone, register, link your credit card, and choose a secret 4-digit PIN. Now you can simply snap the QR Code that is presented to you when making a purchase, confirm the payment with a PIN or fingerprint, and the coffee order is on its way! It is a quick, simple and safe experience, both on mobile and on desktop. (Find a Step by Step Guide at the end of this page)

SnapScan is safer than swiping your credit card

If you are concerned about entering your card details onto your phone, what if I tell you that SnapScan is even safer than swiping your credit card? Security is actually enhanced by the likes of SnapScan, as the customer's credit card is never handled by the merchant so it cannot be skimmed or copied. This is why:
  • The SnapScan app only requires you to capture your payment details once. Your card details are then encrypted and stored only on your phone and nowhere else. No one will ever be able to get your card details from SnapScan, not even the ecommerce site you are on, so there is less chance of your card details being copied or skimmed.
  • The app also requires a PIN to be entered before any transaction can be completed. This prevents anyone who has your phone from making transactions, as your PIN should be known only to you. If you have a Touch ID-enable Apple device, you can even use this instead of your PIN. How cool is that!
  • Security is paramount in online space, so SnapScan also handles 3D secure, which is set up directly with your bank. (What is 3D Secure? See here.)
  • Don´t worry. Even if your phone is stolen, nobody will be able to see or access your card details.

Get Snapping!

SnapScan is currently available for your Apple iPhones, smartphones running the Android operating system and most Blackberry phones. Download it for free from your favourite app store (Network providers’ standard data charges will apply).


SnapScan - App of the Year 2013

Award Winning App

SnapScan has won multiple awards, the most impressing being overall winner at the MTN Business - App of the Year Awards 2013. Other awards include: Category winner: Best HTML5 app Category finalist: Most Innovative App & Best Overall iOS Consumer App   Still not convinced? Read about SnapScan in the Media. We didn´t answer all your questions? Read the official SnapScan FAQ´s here.


Step by Step Guide - Life can be so easy

Here is a Guide on how to pay with SnapScan on Coffee capsules direct

Step 1:

Load all your favourite coffees, and blends in your Shopping Cart.

Favoruite Products add to cart


Step 2:

Proceed to the store’s checkout system. (1) Login if you are a returning customer (2) You are a new customer. Fill out your personal details to register. (3) Select the SnapScan button for payment, and accept our Terms & Conditions.

Proceed to CheckoutSelect Snapscan as payment option               Step 3:

You’ll then be presented with a QR code to be “snapped” with the app on your phone from your desktop screen. Or when purchasing on your mobile device, simply click the link that will direct you to the SnapScan payment gateway.

Step 4:

SnapScan also handles 3D Secure, which is why a unique OTP number is sent to your mobile device. Type in the number that was sent to you. Done! Once payment is complete the store and SnapScan will notify you.

Snapscan online codeSnapScan OTP
Step 5:

Done and dusted, hot stuff is on its way to you! For any questions, queries or feedback on how snapping has improved your Online Shopping Experience with us, please get in touch here. We love happy customers!

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