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What to do this National Coffee Day?

Posted on September 25, 2019

We often spend our Sundays relaxing and putting a delicious meal together to end off the week or going out and doing something enjoyable. Even better that the next National Coffee Day on 29th of September falls on a Sunday! Honour your favourite beverage by including it in your activities on the day. Here’s a few ideas of how you could include the java into your Sunday fun day!

Breakfast for Champions

Starting off with the most important meal of the day, grab yourself your favourite java, and some doughnuts to dip. If you have a sweet tooth, there is nothing better than dipping doughnuts into coffee. Cookies work too. 6 assorted donuts Alternatively, try pair your coffee with actual food. Coffee experts say that salty food is generally better for pairing, specifically cheeses and breads. Apparently, espresso goes wonderfully with Parmesan cheese so go fancy on that ciabatta sandwich.

Braai that Coffee

Plan a very special Sunday Braai with your family and friends, here is an excellent Coffee-rubbed ribs Braai recipe that’ll definitely impress the family and have the house smell of deliciousness. i eat salad everyday coffee quote

Try something new

A Sunday outing could be taken to a whole new tasty level with a Coffee in a Cone. Yip, that’s coffee served in a sugar cone. If you are in Cape Town, you could try it at Stag Coffee Company, in Fishhoek. In Durban you could try it at Circus Beach Café and in Jo’burg, get one at The Grind Coffee Company. coffee in cone

End the day with espresso

Coffee at night? You might be surprised to hear that espressos are frequently ordered after a heavy dinner meal. Yes, that’s right, only espresso. Skip the milk, maybe add some Amarula to make it a cocktail or simply sip till the sun sets on this National Coffee Day with you knowing that you have made the best out of your day. So, whatever you do for National Coffee Day, make it a deliciously memorable one! i'm not addicted to coffee, we're just in a committed relationship