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What happens to your Caffeine?

Posted on October 7, 2019

To all the Decaffe drinkers out there, and to all concerned non-decaffe lovers as well, may your mind be at peace knowing: No caffeine was harmed in the making of this decaffe. The caffeine extracted from the bean is not wasted, but instead used in a multitude of products that we enjoy weekly, if not daily. So, here is a fun coffee fact to chat about over your next cup of coffee.

Caffeine that is extracted from naturally caffeinated sources such as coffee and tea tends to be very popular in the soft drink industry. Next time your friend enjoys a Pepsi Cola or any other energy drink, just ask him to thank you for drinking the occasional decaffe. The leftover caffeine from your last decaffe is also used in certain pharmaceuticals such as painkillers, because the caffeine increases its effectiveness. The glorious extract can also be found in various cosmetics such as make up and skin care products for its intended enhancing purposes! Oh caffeine, you just make things better! If there are any facts regarding caffeine that we may have missed, please feel free to let us know!