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Thank you for making a difference

Posted on May 20, 2020

We here at Coffee capsules direct had announced from the beginning of lockdown that we would donate a portion of sales made over the lockdown period to communities who need it most. Read the initial announcement here. It was clear to us that this situation would require everyone to do what they can to help the most vulnerable around us. We want to thank you, our customers, for all the orders you have placed and are placing. Every coffee order makes a difference to someone else’s life by the donation that is put forward. We are excited to share that we have partnered up with the Boost Africa Foundation who have designed a fast and affordable emergency food system to feed families in vulnerable communities. Their monthly emergency food parcels feed an entire family for 1 month, and so far 2146 food parcels have been distributed and 6758 individuals fed. Coffee capsules direct and the Boost Africa Foundation say thank you to you, our customers. Thank you for making a difference. If you’d like to support the initiative, simply place your order with us below. We will continue to donate a portion of the proceeds we make to help those who need it most. You can also donate directly here.  

Keep well, stay safe and enjoy your coffee!