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Oddly interesting things to add to your coffee

Posted on October 1, 2021

Coffee can be enjoyed in more ways than one. Some take it with sugar and milk, while others take a coffee black and bitter. Then there are those that enjoy their coffee with things that might be considered "odd" or "interesting".

Those that enjoy their coffee with these "odd" additions might be on to something, though! Let us discuss these additions, so you can maybe try them and decide for yourself.


As mentioned, some coffee drinkers prefer their brew sweet, and some bitter. However, sugar tends to mask the actual flavour of coffee. So, by adding just a pinch of salt, you get to enjoy the full flavour of coffee while masking some of the bitterness. You also won't taste the salt (unless you have a heavy hand).

Vanilla Extract

If your are a fan of all things vanilla, and haven't tried vanilla extract/essence in your coffee yet, then you will want to try this. It can even serve as a substitute for sugar. If you have a Nespresso® machine, you could consider Vanilla flavoured coffee. Either way, the smell and taste is amazing.


Another addition that offers a great scent and flavour is cinnamon. Not only does it have less calories than sugar, but it also has potential health benefits like assisting with blood sugar and insulin regulation. Here are some more healthier additions to add to your java.


A great source of fiber, iron, and magnesium; cardamom is a spice that offers a bit of sweet, along with a bit of savoury. Add a touch of exotic spice to your coffee to start your day off with a kick.


It may sound like an overindulgence, but, who cares? Make your favourite coffee and grab some chocolate syrup, or cocoa powder, chocolate shavings/chips, or even chunks of your favourite chocolate to add to the cuppa. If you prefer to opt for healthier living but feel tempted, then add some dark chocolate.


Some of you might be familiar with the idea of adding butter to coffee, and the potential benefits it has. It still doesn't sound too appealing, though. It is said to give you a longer energy boost and keep you feeling fuller for longer. It is also said to have the texture and taste of a sweet, frothy latte. Learn more about butter coffee here.


Could you stomach this one? Even the thought? There are some pleasant traditional coffees, like the Vietnamese egg coffee, but, just plain egg in coffee? It can certainly pack a protein punch, and it is said that adding a touch of sugar can turn it into a coffee custard of some sort. It is something to think long and hard about.

Ice Cream

This one is easy to get on board with. Forget the creamer and the milk, ice cream will do the trick. You might want to opt for vanilla ice cream, as it doesn't contain extreme flavours, but the choice is yours. It might not be that healthy, but once again, who cares? Add a spoon to your coffee and enjoy that creamy delight

Hopefully we have left you with some interesting coffee additions to consider. Please do give us a shout if you give any of them a go. In need of coffee to try these odd additions? Look no further!