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Measuring Life in Coffee Spoons

Posted on May 9, 2017

If three cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away, does 20 cups pay the health insurance premium, too? Since the dawn of the 11th century when the plant source was first discovered, coffee has been the number one reason to stop drinking tea. As its committed (read: addicted) drinkers know, there just is no going about the day without a cup. Or two. Or… 20. Another option for coffee addic-… drinkers, you could apply for a job at the Coffee Institute as a Q-Grader, a person whose job it is to test 90-120 flavours of coffee every day. When you add up all those little samples, it amounts to 20 cups. Getting paid to drink 20 cups of free coffee a day? That’s a dream job to some coffee-lovers, a much more literal interpretation of the quote, “I will start working when my coffee does”.

Watch out, Disney, because when it’s said that a cup of coffee a day keeps the grumpy away (and the doctor, don’t forget!), one must assume that the Q-Grader office is the happiest place on Earth. It could even be one of the healthiest, too, if you consider that salad could also be classified as a salad, a coffee bean salad! Maybe… maybe? We’ll go with yes. Do you suffer from OCD? Obsessive Coffee Disorder? The good news is that you don’t have to work at the Coffee Institute to get your fix, nor do you have to drink 20 cups a day. Even if it feels like you might need 20 cups to get through the day, even your two or three cups are enough to tell you: “you can do it!”.

Coffee has come a long way since it’s plant discovery in Ethiopia. It’s now found and embraced in all corners of the world. Italy, for example, is just one country whose passions for coffee have brought new, delicious options to our café tables. As the Italians say, la vita inizia dopo il caffe! Life begins after coffee! Milk, cream, black, sugar, sweetener, hot, cold, it doesn’t matter how you take your coffee, just as long as you do. Sometimes, or daily, we all need to insert coffee to begin, because adulting is hard without it.

Coffee makes the world a much much happier place when you live in the style of T.S. Eliot, famous writer and playwright, and “measure life with coffee spoons”. Bottoms up! We all have those Coffee Quotes that speak directly to our very soul – there is one that sounds like it’s just written for you.