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Earth Day and Sustainable Coffee

Posted on April 22, 2021

This magnificent planet we live on has given us many gems, too many to count! The beloved coffee bean is without a doubt one of them. The 22nd of April is observed as Earth Day, a day to show support for environmental protection, and giving back to mother earth.

A way in which many in the coffee industry give back to the earth is through sustainable coffee practices; by minimising water usage in all processes, better crop management, replacing pesticides with scented boxes to keep insects away, and composting coffee bean waste to use as fertiliser. 

Another practice is “Shade-grown” coffee, which paints a magical picture of biodiversity as a priority in the growth of coffee. Shade-grown coffee goes back to traditional coffee farming methods that reintroduce assorted indigenous trees to naturally cloak the coffee bushes with shade, while simultaneously creating a habitat for birds and other natural life.

This awesome method of farming coffee also requires little to no fertiliser and pesticides, and virtually takes care of the earth around it.

Sustainability can also be practiced post-harvest, in the processing and packaging phase. The family-owned, Italy-based coffee company, Gruppo Gimoka subscribe to, and value such practices by recycling used materials, minimising waste, using renewable energy resources, and encouraging compostable product solutions.

They also believe that, if managed and recycled properly, plastic does not need the bad reputation it currently carries. The company has, however, developed compostable, 100% bio-based and plant derived coffee capsules for Nespresso®. There are currently three delectable varieties: Gimoka Arabica, Gimoka Crema, and Gimoka Forte.

Let us all do our part this Earth Day, even if it is just picking up litter around you, saving water or practicing better recycling. Doing so would certainly make a cup of coffee so much more rewarding!