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The Wild Story of some Goats and the Coffee Bean

Posted on September 18, 2019

Don’t you sometimes sit quietly in peace, sipping on your cup of coffee with that feeling of eternal gratefulness to whoever discovered this amazing beverage? We do!

The legend of the coffee bean discovery goes back to between the 9th and 11th century in Ethiopia, where a curious goatherder called Kaldi noticed that his goats were acting a little “hyper” (lots of fun for Kaldi herding goats on coffee, right?). Kaldi got closer and saw that his goats were eating red berries from a tree with beautiful white blossoms that smelled of jasmine, a tree that is now known as a coffea arabica tree. Kaldi then decided the goats shouldn’t have all the fun alone, so he tried some of the berries himself and felt those similar effects (how exciting that must’ve been). Kaldi then took a batch of the berries to a nearby monastery where they were ridiculed for their effects and got thrown into a fire by the religious leaders.

Behold! A delightful aroma the berries let off while roasting in the fire convinced the leaders to give them a second chance, this time putting the roasted beans into hot water. That, my friends, is the legend of how your favourite beverage, coffee was born. After its discovery, the beautifully scented coffee tree then surfaced again in the 15th century, in Yemen through trade with the generous Ethiopians. The bean then made its way around the world, becoming more popular with better methods to roast and grind. And this continues today… Whether the legend is true or not, it certainly is a wonderful story to think about while sipping on a fresh cuppa!