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Christmas Dinner with Coffee, the perfect way to end a splendid meal

Posted on December 4, 2017

Christmas Dinner with your family and most intimate friends is something we all look forward to. So much time goes into deciding on the menu, food preparation and cooking, and of course the table setting and decorations. From starters to dessert recipes that have been in the family for generations, every dish is carefully considered. It is indeed a very special time of the year.

To make Christmas Dinner even more special, we choose our favourite Christmas songs to play softly in the background. We might even go so far as to light a few dozen candles to create a welcoming and loving ambiance. We choose the best wine complementing the different dishes. We go as far as to choose what we will wear and how we will arrange the people around the table.

At some point during the meal you may for a moment look at your loved ones and recognise that feeling that warms your heart. You know that every effort in preparation of Christmas Dinner has been repaid a hundred times over simply because you are surrounded at such a special evening with the people closest to you. Just as your Christmas Dinner comes to an end an opportunity is created to extend that sense of togetherness for just a little longer. By the time coffee is served, our attention is no longer divided between superb dishes and food on our plates. The smell of freshly brewed coffee hints at everyone that the night is not over yet.

Ending Christmas Dinner with coffee creates this moment of pure relaxation. We can sit back, really listen, make eye contact with our loved ones for a bit longer. We can simply just enjoy each other’s company. I don’t think any dinner –whatever the time of year- should be enjoyed without ending it with freshly brewed coffee, lingering for a while, in good company. It is indeed the perfect way to end a beautiful evening.