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Brewing The Perfect Filter Coffee

Posted on February 29, 2024

Among our extensive coffee pod and espresso offerings, at Coffee Capsules Direct we also carry high quality, delicious, and affordable filter coffee – both pre-ground as well as whole beans for those looking to grind their own coffee for filter brewing. As opposed to the pressure-based methods for preparing espresso, filter brewing employs a gravity-based pour-over or drip method, with water running through coffee grounds and then passing through a filter to remove any residual particles.

Filter brewing is a popular and prolific method of preparing coffee, beloved by many coffee drinkers for its convenience and the depth of flavour it provides. Compared to the bold and intense flavours of espresso, filter coffee tends to have a gentler, smoother taste and a subtle flavour profile depending on the roast. In this post we’ll go over common questions those new to filter brewing may have, as well as top tips for preparing the most flavourful cuppa.

How To Brew Filter Coffee

There are multiple ways to prepare filter coffee, with many incorporating the gravity-based brewing technique with water passing slowly through the coffee grounds in some way. The most common way to prepare filter coffee is by using a standard coffee machine. These machines will have a water reservoir, which you would fill with water before brewing. The machine will use all of the water in its chamber unless it has a setting to do otherwise, so only add as much water as you need for how much coffee you’re making.

After filling the machine’s water reservoir, insert a coffee filter into the chamber that is usually found directly above the machine’s carafe. Filters can be one-use paper filters, or reusable metal mesh filters depending on the coffee machine. After inserting the filter, it’s time to measure out your coffee grounds. Medium to medium-fine is the recommended grind if you’re grinding your own beans for this step. You’ll want to measure out around 16 grams per cup, or one standard filter coffee scoop, if your coffee brand provides. Use more grounds for a stronger brew and less for a weaker one – experiment to find out which intensity you prefer!

After adding the grounds to the middle of your filter, ensure the empty carafe is properly aligned, and turn on your coffee maker. Many coffee machines also allow you to set an automatic timer for when the machine will begin filtering, allowing you to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. After you’ve brewed and enjoyed your coffee, make sure to compost or dispose of your used filter and coffee grounds, and wash out your carafe. Cleaning your coffee machine thoroughly is an important step in the process, and one we’ll touch on more later.

Another popular method for filter brewing is using a Chemex brewer. Chemex coffeemakers are beloved by coffee enthusiasts for their scientifically-driven design, and the deep and refined flavour they provide. According to the company themselves, Chemex coffeemakers allow you to “make coffee as strong as you like without bitterness.” Chemex was even mentioned in the James Bond novel From Russia, With Love as Mr Bond’s breakfast coffee brew of choice – two cups of black without sugar.

The Chemex is a smaller, non-electrical appliance used for making pour over coffee. As the name suggests, this style of coffee involves pouring boiling water over the coffee grounds through a special Chemex filter, which drips into a collection chamber. A standard 8 cup Chemex needs approximately 6 tablespoons of ground coffee – it’s recommended to saturate the grounds with two thirds of a cup of hot water, before gently stirring the moistened grounds to break up any clumps and ensure the grounds are uniformly saturated.

Wait for 30 to 45 seconds, then fill the filter with more hot water until the grounds are completely covered. After around 4 minutes, the coffee will have brewed and dripped into the collection chamber of the Chemex. Remove the filter, pour the filter coffee into your cup, and enjoy!


For single cup filter brewers, such as the Hario V60 device, the process is similar. The most notable difference is that these brewers can filter the coffee directly into a cup, ready to drink. The V60 brewing device fits on top of your mug or receptacle, and you insert the filter onto the top chamber. Fill the filter with coffee grounds, add hot water slowly, and the resulting coffee will drip into the container underneath. This brewing option is great for backpackers and travellers, as the device is portable and easy to use on the go.

Ground Filter Coffee Vs. Coffee Beans

Filter coffee grounds, which look similar to instant coffee and have granules which can be in varying size and fineness, are created by grinding coffee beans. Coffee grounds can go straight into your coffee machine to be filtered into coffee. Coffee beans, on the other hand, need to be ground up before making coffee with them, as the beans are too large for the coffee machine to penetrate and process as water passes through.

Whether you purchase grounds or beans depends on whether you’d like to grind your own beans prior to brewing or not. At Coffee Capsules Direct, you’ll be able to find most of our filter offerings both as pre-ground and whole bean, so you can enjoy either coffee per your preference.

What Type Of Coffee Is Best For Filter Brewing?

We have a variety of coffee to suit every taste at Coffee Capsule Direct. Our filter coffee offerings span flavours and roasts from top coffee brands including Importers, Terbodore, and Uber Coffee. We also carry decaf options, allowing you to enjoy the same rich taste without caffeine.

Many coffee aficionados recommend purchasing whole coffee beans and grinding them just prior to brewing, as this can create a fresher-tasting final product than pre-ground coffee. This is because coffee grounds, with their smaller individual surface area, oxidise and can become stale faster than whole beans. Grinding your beans just before brewing means that the coffee grounds don’t have the chance to oxidise, leaving you with a fresher flavour to your coffee.

That is not to say that pre-ground coffee is necessarily worse in taste or quality – many find the difference in taste between whole beans ground just before brewing and pre-ground filter coffee to be imperceptible. In addition, many people simply don’t have the time to freshly grind coffee beans for their morning coffee every day and prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee. If you have the time and interest, experiment with different methods of brewing and discover which one you enjoy most.

Sourcing High Quality Filter Coffee

Ensuring your coffee is high quality begins with purchasing grounds or beans from a reputable coffee provider. With over a decade of experience as an online coffee store, we at Coffee Capsules Direct are proud to offer the biggest online variety of coffee capsules and coffee products in South Africa.

Our website also features information about the origin, strength, flavour and roast for each filter coffee we carry. Browse our offerings to find the coffee brand that resonates the most with your tastes, or try something different and find your new favourite roast! You can rest assured that the grounds and beans we offer come from established artisan roasters, with many brands using local production processes.


Enhance The Flavour Of Your Filter Coffee

Many coffee lovers enjoy the therapeutic preparation of their coffee as much as the coffee itself, with each step acting as part of a meditative process. The art of coffee revolves around patience – and now, having learnt the basics of brewing, you can make sure you’re brewing the tastiest cup possible with some simple extra steps and a simple technique.

  1. Dampen the coffee filter prior to filling it with grounds. Wetting the filter slightly adheres it to your coffee machine, thereby regulating the flow of filtering water and allowing the water to pass through the grounds more evenly. This results in a fuller extraction and deeper flavour from your grounds. Many enthusiasts also believe that wetting the filter removes the ‘papery’ taste from the filter. Make sure to discard or recycle your rinsing water before brewing.
  2. Use filtered water. Using filtered water not only prevents limescale build up in your machine – which could affect the machine’s components or cause damage to your coffee device’s integrity – it also improves the taste of your coffee, as minerals, sediment or chlorine in unfiltered water can affect the taste and brew quality. Filtered water provides a more neutral-tasting base to your coffee.
  3. Store your grounds or beans in an airtight, dry place away from sunlight. Oxidation can cause coffee to taste stale, so sealing your grounds or beans helps to extend the shelf life and freshness of your coffee.
  4. Keep your machine clean. Sedimentary build up and old coffee grounds will cause your brew to taste bitter or sour and can eventually cause your machine to start acting up. To combat this and maintain your machine properly, make sure to do regular descaling and cleaning. At Coffee Capsules Direct, we stock eco-friendly descalers and coffee machine cleaning tablets to make your coffee machine maintenance easy.
  5. Preheat your coffee mug. Pour some boiling water into your empty coffee mug before brewing or while you’re waiting for your coffee to filter, and let it sit until the mug has warmed up, then decant. This water can be returned to your kettle or saved to later be reused. This simple step keeps your coffee warm for longer, removing the need to reheat your coffee and potentially altering its taste.
  6. Practise pouring. If you’re using a pour-over brewer, such as the aforementioned Chemex, practice pouring in a slow and circular motion starting from the middle of the filter and rotating outwards. Pouring slowly and consistently will ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly saturated, making for a well-brewed and flavourful cup of coffee.

About Coffee Capsules Direct

We at Coffee Capsules Direct are committed to providing delicious, superior quality coffee products at cost-effective prices. Our customers enjoy the convenience of having their coffee delivered to their door, with the added affordability of savings on bulk orders and free shipping on orders over R700.

With some expert tips on making a delicious cup of coffee under your belt, it’s time to select your next roast from Coffee Capsule Direct’s extensive catalogue. If you aren’t sure which roast is best for you and your machine or device, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let our team help you pick the perfect brew.