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Q&A with Rowan - Hulk, Cars and Innovations

Posted on March 4, 2015

Meet Rowan in our Q&A, our innovative director with multiple personalities who likes Hulk and working on cars, but is not fond of paying for fancy packaging.

  • One word to describe you: Dreamer
  • What is your passion? Innovating. My mind constantly battles with problem solving and conceptualizing ideas. Sometimes things just come to me that I didn’t even know I was thinking about. One of my other passions is working on cars, I love technical stuff.
  • Why did you start Coffee Capsules Direct? Having started the South African manufacturing company of Nespresso® compatible capsules with my family from the ground up, I learnt a lot about business, coffee and the capsule industry. I enjoyed the process of building a business and the excitement that came with it. But I also wanted to build a service orientated capsule supplier business that made it easy for coffee lovers to order online, and offer them the lifestyle choices and coffee blends they enjoy. So I started Coffee Capsules Direct, South Africa´s No. 1 Online Store for coffee capsules.
  • Why does Coffee Capsules Direct offer a better price for bulk orders? As for anything in life, when you buy in bulk the costs incurred with this are reduced. One of the biggest costs is the delivery and the packaging. By ordering in bulk we avoid this, and by going direct to the end consumer we avoid the need for having expensive retail packaging that would just end up in landfill any way. So we offer the same great products without the packaging costs that are normally involved.
  • An ideal day for you would be…? Depends on the weather. Hot: chilling by the pool or the beach. Cold and miserable: in front of the telly.
  • How much coffee do you drink? I generally go through about 2-3 cups a day I generally always go for a double shot using 2 capsules for a larger drink, and a lot of that is funnily enough is Decaffe. Otherwise I would find myself bouncing around, because I get my normal caffeine intake already daily by testing the quality of our coffee products. Thanks to the red espresso® Rooibos capsules I have also found another delicious healthy alternative to fill some slots during the day.
  • Your favourite superhero? Definitely the Hulk. Who doesn’t want to just let loose and let everything go. Plus I used to be a big fan of bodybuilding and lifting so guys like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold were my idols when I was younger.
  • When I grow up, I want to be… ME