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Red Cappuccino Recipe

Posted on November 3, 2014

Elegantly decadent, the red cappuccino ® is the darling of the red drink range. Rich and luxurious, with lashings of honey and sprinkles of cinnamon, it’s almost too good to be true that a red cappuccino ® is so good for you too! Perfect for pregnancy, safe for kids and a real alternative to caffeine for those who have been looking for one.
  • Prepare red espresso ® - as you would coffee - put one of our Rooibos Espresso Capsules in your Nespresso ® or Caffeluxe machine.
  • Heat and foam milk
  • Pour milk over a double shot (60ml/2oz.) of red espresso ®
  • Serve with honey & cinnamon
TIP: Flavour it with your favourite syrup, hazelnut or vanilla, available in our Store.