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Your Ultimate Coffee Pod Machine Guide

Posted on September 11, 2015

Top Five Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Pod Machine

If you want the taste of your favourite coffee-shop at home, there are no two ways about it: you need a proper coffee machine. Coffee pod machines especially are in popular demand because they are really easy to use and create virtually no mess. Either you have one, or you want one (or you don´t like them at all, in which case you should have a look here). The good news is that there are loads of different coffee machines on the market. The bad news is, it can be tough to find the one that suits your needs. Here are the Top Five Things to consider when buying a capsule coffee machine:

1. Price of the coffee machine

The prices of the actual coffee machines range from R1000 to R8000, depending on the model, the brand name but also the specs. For example: whether it comes with a milk frother on the side, makes automatic Cappuccinos or is on Special. But be careful! Don´t be fooled by cheap coffee machine prices. The most important thing is the price of the pod, as that’s what you’ll have to regularly top up on!

2. Price of the pods

Why does one buy a coffee pod machine? Well, for the coffee of course. So the price you will be paying for your actual coffee capsules is pretty important. The prices per pod vary depending on the pod machine you choose. Pods can cost from R3,50 up to R12, and some pod machines even make you use 2 pods to get a single drink due to their combination of coffee capsules with milk capsules. Plus: You’d better check where your pods can be bought once you have the machine. Not all pods are readily available everywhere, and to not get coffee when you need is frustrating.

3. Price of the After Service

This is where they get you! Most coffee pod machines have got a 1 year warranty on their equipment. But what happens when your year is up? Make sure that wherever you buy your machine, an after service is guaranteed, ensuring that there is a person that you can speak to who won´t charge an arm and a leg just to figure out if they can actually assist you in servicing or fixing your pod machine.

4. Variety

We all love choices, especially when it comes to our favourite warm drinks. Make sure that the machine you go for makes all of your favourites, like Cappuccinos, or Lattes. And find out beforehand how many different coffee flavours are available for your preferred pod system. If you are a hot chocolate lover, a Rooibos Cappuccino fan or into flavoured coffees, make sure to check in advance if those are available for the pod coffee machine you want to go for.

5. Specifications

Most specs on a coffee machine, like for example the colour, the drinks it can make or the size depend on your personal preferences. However, some specifications are essential to make good coffee. The pump is by far the most important part of your coffee machine. To get a good coffee, the pressure of the pump should be as high as possible. Usual pod machines range anywhere from 9 bar to 19 bar pressure pump.

Ultimate Guide: 5 Pod Coffee Machines

To make your life a bit easier, we compared 5 capsule coffee machines. Choose for yourself which one you want to go for!

table Verona-Espresso-coffee-machine-1799-black

Winner: Our best value for money winner is the Caffeluxe® Verona machine. With a 19 bar pressure pump, and from only R3,50 per pod, it gives you the best coffee for the best price. With over 22 blends to choose from, as well as hot chocolate and tea capsules, this little machine will make your coffee dream come true. Coffee capsules available at