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Superfood drinks & how they may help you

Posted on January 17, 2022

The term 'superfood' is still relatively new, and is used to describe both, foods, and beverages which are high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These foods also tend to pack loads of antioxidants, and are generally low in calories.

Foods such as berries, green veggies, spices, and certain teas are but a few of the many superfoods out there. Let's have a look at the superfood drinks we offer, and how they may help you.

Note*: The drinks below can be prepared using convenient Nespresso® compatible Superfood capsules, or as a water-soluble powder with the red espresso Superfoods special.

Beetroot and Ginger

The famous beetroot is said to be a natural immune system booster, and also provide a natural energy boost, thanks to the nitrates it contains. It can help fight colds and flu, as well as replenish the body after a vigorous workout. Beetroot can also help with high blood pressure, and assist in fighting inflammation.

The ginger in this drink may help treat indigestion, and aid weight-loss. Ginger is also said to help with nausea, especially morning sickness.

The beetroot & ginger superfood boasts numerous benefits, and this drink is made entirely from plant-based ingredients. Additionally, it is vegetarian and vegan-friendly when made with dairy substitutes.

Enjoy a healthy dose of Beetroot & Ginger in a convenient Nespresso® compatible capsule, or make a Beetroot & Ginger drink with the red espresso water-soluble powder.

Golden Turmeric

Turmeric is considered a superfood thanks to it being rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make them an immune booster with many benefits.

Turmeric can also help with cholesterol, by lowering levels of bad cholesterol. The curcumin found in turmeric may also be able to help prevent alzheimers disease, although research on this is still continuous.

What's more is that these Golden Turmeric drinks contain other superfood spices, such as cinnamon and ginger, making it extra healthy, and also delicious.

Like the beetroot and ginger, the golden turmeric, as well as the green tea matcha, are made from 100% pure plant-based ingredients, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly when made with dairy substitutes.

Try a tasty Nespresso® compatible Golden Turmeric, or an easy-to-mix red espresso Golden Turmeric powder.

Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha is another drink high in antioxidants. In fact, it contains more antioxidants than traditional green tea. Green tea matcha has been known to assist in increasing the metabolism, and possibly aiding weight-loss.

Furthermore, the green tea matcha may also help with concentration, and improve memory and reaction time, thanks to the caffeine it contains.

The green tea matcha, as well as the beetroot and ginger, and golden turmeric all contain organic coconut blossom sugar to add naturally exceptional flavour.

Get a mega boost with the Nespresso® compatible Green Tea Matcha capsule, or the red espresso Green Tea Matcha powder.

Additionally, all these drinks are gluten-free, free of additives and preservatives, free of flavourings, colourants, thickeners, or emulsifiers, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Enjoy delicious lattes, or add a superfood to your smoothie or breakfast bowl for an extra boost!