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How much do I really save when I buy in bulk?

Posted on February 2, 2015

A lot of customers ask us: "How much do I really save when I buy my coffee capsules in bulk from this Online Store?" Well, the answer is: a lot. And we will show you exactly how much you could save when you buy in bulk. Let´s take 100 capsules, for instance. Just by ordering in bulk from our site you save R280 compared to buying it from the market leader in the shop. That is 72 coffees more you could have had! It even gets better if you buy 200 capsules at a time, because that would have saved you R600, an additional 162 coffees you could have enjoyed! No, really, 162 coffees! Think twice before you order because bulk savings can really make a difference! You can get one of our popular bulk Specials here!