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How much do I really save when I buy in bulk?

Posted on February 2, 2015

We understand that coffee is an absolute daily necessity but depending on your coffee consumption, it can get quite expensive buying individual packs of coffee from the shop or even worse, going to a coffee shop daily where you spend R30 every day and you don't even realise that you spend R1000 every month on coffee.

That is why Coffee capsules direct offers Bulk Discounts and Savings on Mixed Bundles, and higher value Packs that range from 50, 60, 100 or even 200 capsules per Pack.

Now a lot of customers ask us: "How much do I really save when I buy my coffee capsules in Bulk from Coffee capsules direct?" Well, the answer is: quite a lot. And we will show you exactly how much you could save when you buy in bulk.

Let´s just take our 100 capsules Bulk Special for Nespresso for instance as an example, see here. Just by ordering in bulk from our site you would have saved R450 compared to buying original market leading capsules or R220 compared to buying other similar products in the shops.

Best case scenario, you are getting double the amount of coffees for the same buck just by choosing Coffee capsules direct! It even gets better if you buy 200 capsules at a time, because our pricing gets better per pod when you decide to go for 200 pods in total! So even more coffee to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Just think twice before going to a coffee shop or supermarket, rather order your coffee in bulk online because bulk savings can really make a big difference! And who would not want to drink double the coffee?

Have a look at our Bulk Discounts and browse them in our Shop to see which next Bulk Deal to grab. And the most important as always: Enjoy your coffee!