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Let Coffee Capsules Direct teach you how to create simple to complex latte art the same way the professionals do.

Posted on August 13, 2018

Whether it’s a heart, tulip or beetroot pattern, the designs on top of your latte are definitely something cool to look at while waiting for your coffee to cool. Did you ever look down at your mug wondering “How did they do that?” well so did we. We’ve compiled this step-by-step guide to have you weaving complex latte patterns in no time.

Step 1: Let’s get started.

The most important part is to prepare some steamed milk in a jug. Use a steam wand, and try to create a creamy texture. Then have your coffee ready in your cup. Tilt your coffee cup at about a 30 ° angle and have your jug ready in your other hand.

Step 2: Hovering time.

Hover the jug about a pinky finger’s length above your cup, and slowly start pouring the milk into the centre of your coffee.

Step 3: This is the tricky part.

Gradually speed up and then slow down your pours, using your thumb to regulate your movements. This is a crucial step and must be done with all the finesse you can muster.

Step 4: Time to tap into your creative side.

Gently “wiggle” the jug in a pendulum-style motion over your cup. This will create those intricate lattice patterns.

Step 5: You’re almost there.

Slowly begin to un-tilt your cup while keeping the jug hovered and pouring. Now gently bring your pouring to a close by dragging the jug’s pouring spout along the edge of your cup (the speed at which you do this depends on the design you want to create)

Step 6: You’re done!

Marvel at your (hopefully) beautiful creation. See below for some popular designs we can whip up.

Okay, so maybe we bent the truth a bit about it being easy. But hey, the more mistakes you make the more coffee you can have! Keep those designs coming and tag us on Facebook and Twitter with your coffee art creations!

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