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How to brew a pod – without burning the coffee!

Posted on November 20, 2015

Capsules and coffee pods are one of the most convenient things in the world. You slot your coffee pod into your Nespresso® or Lavazza® machine, you press the button, and there you go, a wonderfully brewed espresso with a crema on top. But hold on. Brewing a pod is not brewing a pot! If you are expecting to get a full mug of coffee, you will be disappointed.

Capsules and coffee pods are only designed to run for about 40ml (espresso) – 110ml (lungo) which should only take about 25 seconds. Pods are made to make a really nice shot of espresso, or a lungo if you really mean it well.

This is what happens when you run too much water through your pod

You are actually not doing yourself a favour if you run your coffee machine for longer than 110ml through one coffee pod. Here are some of the problems that can occur when you try to get too much coffee out of your coffee pod:

  • You are putting strain on your coffee machine. The coffee inside the pod is used up, but you are still pushing water through. That can´t be good.
  • If you run the pod for longer than 110ml, it won´t give you the best taste, but instead burnt coffee.
  • The coffee will taste bitter, because you are over extracting it.

How to avoid this and get the best out of your coffee pod

Rather than trying to fill up a cup of coffee, do it the way the Baristas do it in coffee shops. Run one shot of espresso through your machine, then eject the capsule and run a shot of hot water afterwards. Here are the Benefits:

  • If you run a hot shot of water into your cup before you add the espresso, you can preheat your cup at the same time. Meaning better tasting coffee.
  • Running your machine with just water several times a day, also makes sure your pipes are clean, and the machine lasts longer.
  • You are ensuring the best extraction, and do not burn your coffee.

Please also remember that some coffee grinds are finer than others, and are actually designed to run shorter, slower, or even give you a very thin coffee stream. It really depends on the coffee blend that is inside your coffee pod. If your machine struggles to get coffee, or even water through the nozzle, you might have to clean your machine.

Use a descaler to clean the boiler, and a Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule for your Nespresso® machine to clean the brewing chamber of your coffee machine! This will most likely resolve the blockages, and give you a fresher coffee taste. Here is to better tasting coffee!