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How easy is it to use our coffee machine and frother?

Posted on March 17, 2014

GREAT NEWS: It is very easy and we will take you through one step at a time. STEP 1 First things first, switch on your machine! AND every coffee machine needs water to function. Eject the water tank (1L) in the back, fill it up with preferably filtered or distilled water and put it back. fill-water-tank STEP 2 Very important: Preheat your cup by pressing the button on the machine. If there is no capsule inside, it shoots through hot water. Swirl it around in the cup and dispose it. A warm cup will keep the heat and premium flavour of the coffee! press-button STEP 3 Choose your favourite capsule flavour and place it inside of the machine. It will only fit one way! Let it drop and close the lever! place-capsule                      place-capsule-closer                  close-lever STEP 4 Press either the single (left) or double (right) shot button. The machine is preset to a certain length. You can however program the machine by pressing and holding the buttons if you wish to change the length of the shot. It usually takes about 30 seconds for your ESPRESSO. Yummi! Step-3-press-button                 pours-coffee STEP 5 Open the lever to automatically eject the capsule into the capsule container. The container can take up to 8-10 capsules. Empty it regulary. The water gets collected in the tray underneath. BUT be careful. If you dispose the water, be sure NOT to lose the basket. It is not attached! open-lever                empty-capsule-tray                basket-not-attached STEP 7 You want a Cappuccino? Switch on your frother. BUT first: fill it with milk (maximum and minimum mark inside the frother). put-milk-in-frother   STEP 8 Close the lid and choose a button. Either the snowflake (button) for cold froth, or the steam (top) for hot frothed milk. The frother takes about 60 seconds to heat and froth your milk. Quick and easy. close-lid-frother              cold-button-frother                  hot-button-frother                 frother-in-action   STEP 9 Did you know that you can change the attachment in your frother? The one with the whisk frothes the milk for Cappuccinos (left), the other one (stirrer, right) only heats up the milk so use that for a Flat White (only heated milk, no froth). One attachment can be stored in the lid, the other one can be placed inside the frother. frother-choose-attachment              storage-attachment-frother               frother-take-out-attachment STEP 10 Add the frothed or heated milk to your coffee and THEN: ENJOY! Ten steps in 60 seconds: Here is your CAPPUCCINO! add-milk-cappuccino