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The wonderful aromas of coffee that wine just doesn’t have

Posted on March 20, 2020

You may know wine for having various aromas, but did you know that coffee has way more?! Yes, around 850 aromas compared to the approximately 250 aromas that wine has.

The aromas of coffee can be broken down into four category types, namely:

  1. Enzymatic aromas (fruity, citrus, floral and herby)
  2. Sugar browning aromas (chocolatey, caramel-y and toasty)
  3. Dry distillation aromas (woody, spicy and carbony)
  4. Aromatic taints (fermenty, leathery and grassy)

These categories can then be broken down even further, no wonder there is a whole science relating to coffee.

Share the news with your fellow coffee and wine lovers! And please, for that next cup of coffee you drink, go all out with your aroma receptors!