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The 20 Most Amazing Examples of Coffee Foam Art

Posted on April 2, 2015

Coffee is not only an art when it comes to roasting the actual coffee beans, but also when it comes to putting the delicious potion together. It is truly unbelievable what Barista professionals are able to do with some milk foam and coffee. How to make real Coffee Foam Art To make real latte art, there is a few things you have to consider. The milk that you use should always be cold, best right out of the fridge, and fresh. Most Latte Artists swear on opening a fresh package every time and never use the same milk twice.

Your milk jug should also be cold. Noted: Cold milk frothes the best! The temperature that you are frothing the milk at is also very important, plus of course your actual espresso. Make sure your espresso has got a good and thick crema on top, otherwise it is very difficult to be creative! The pour itself is one of the most difficult tasks. Below you see some of the best Latte Coffee Foam Artists. But hey, they have been practising for years! This is Coffee Foam Art at its best. Here are our Top 20 of the most amazing examples of Coffee Foam Art! Which one is your favourite? Leave us a comment below!