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Obstacle Course

Posted on June 28, 2017

Coffee Capsules creative game for the winter holidays Young boys (and girls) love playing games and there’s nothing more fun to get the creativity going than creating and playing on your own table-top obstacle course. The setup and rules of the game can vary depending on what you have in your house. In fact, we would love to see what you create and feature your obstacle courses here, so please post your pics on our Facebook page or send them to us via email, I’m sure you can do better than we did on ours! Keep in mind that making the game is part of the fun and a great activity to do together with the kids. You need:
  • 2 (or more if you have more players) used capsules, in different colours
  • A wooden plank, smooth surface
  • String
  • Coloured tape
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • One drinking straw per player
  • Optional: more capsules, prestik, extra cardboard, masking tap
  • Peel the foil off the cups and dispose in the recycling.
  • Clean the capsules (the coffee is great for the garden!).
  • Cut 3 strands of string, same length as your plank of wood or surface you choose.
  • Tape the three strands with equal distance apart, to create “lanes”, and tape them down creating the starting line.
  • Tape the string down on the other side for the finish line.
  • Create obstacles by cutting holes in cardboard “walls”, giving each hole a number to award points.
  • Let kids test out the game!
  • Make adjustments and more obstacles by sticking down ramps, more capsules etc.
  • Let the kids get creative and make up some rules for what happens when their capsule topples or falls or goes off the board etc
Why not reward the overall winner to encourage a good match. A good cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day could do the trick. For colourful capsules, Variety Pack, Flavoured Coffee, red espresso and Giovannis.. For hot chocolate, click here.