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Mini Plant Containers

Posted on June 28, 2017

Mini plant hangers

Aren’t these cute!! And so quick to make. Hang them in front of a window of a kids bedroom or your kitchen window. A little green goes a long way in any home. You need:
  • 2 used capsules, we liked working with Lavazza® Blue®, they are slightly bigger and neutral in colour
  • Small cactus or little succulent
  • Beads or shells with holes depending on your preference
  • String, can be of different colour
  • Scissors
Method: 1 Peel the foil off the cups and throw in the recycling. 2 Clean the capsules (the coffee is great for the plant!) 3 Cut 8 equal strands of about 50 cm 4 Tie a knot with them all together 5 Start making your macrame hanger (for great step by step guide click here) 4 Work in your beads or shells 5 Be sure to check the size of your capsule when knotting the “basket” 6 Repot your plant into the capsule and put the capsule in the hanging basket The little plants won’t need water often, but when you do take them out of the hangers, water them and let them drip dry before putting them back in their little hammocks.