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How would you like your latte inside an avocado shell?

Posted on January 30, 2020

Avocado is a great, healthy fruit and has become high in demand these past few years, but the idea of drinking a latte from an avo shell and having the two mix just sounds a bit bizarre.

What started out as a joke by a barista in Australia, quickly turned into a viral craze. The barista recorded a clip of a latte being poured into half an avocado shell, coining it the ‘avolatte’. While many posted their takes of the avolatte as a joke, others posted their sincere take on the interesting trend or odd concoction, apparently, that’s to be decided. I know they say, “Don’t knock it until you try it”, but this just seems like too much to put together and ingest! What are your thoughts on this fake coffee trend? See source and clips of the Avolatte here.