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Day by day Coffee Guide - Fly by Night, Coffee by Morning

Posted on May 4, 2016

So we all know that you need coffee to get the day rolling. Some people even need coffee in an IV connected to their wrists - and maybe you’re one of those people. But with our exceptionally wide range of choices in capsules and all things coffee related, you might have a difficult time choosing which coffee to drink on what day. That’s why we’re here to help! Follow this day by day guide on which coffee to drink on which day and your week will be easier to handle by far!

Blue Monday

“Blue”, as Monday is known, requires something a little stronger than your average coffee - so that’s why we recommend the Bootlegger coffee capsules, Cape Towns favourite double shot coffee blend, that will get you up and running and just in time for the week!

Terrible Tuesday

The “terrible two’s” don’t only apply to children. Tuesday isn’t the first day of the week but it is the day you realise how far away the weekend still is. To brighten up this cloudy day why don’t you add in some flavour to your coffee and try one of our delicious capsules: Choc Hazelnut, Vanilla or Caramel coffee.

Optimistic Wednesday

Wednesday is a different day of the week for everyone. If you're a pessimist, you're looking at Wednesday saying "the weekend is just too far away". If you're an optimist Wednesday is "half way to the weekend WOOHOO!", where you are likely to check out a local spot. If you're a coffee lover, Wednesday is the perfect day to try our lekker local Terbodore This is Africa coffee.

Thirsty Thursday

Thursday is the perfect day to get your Thor on and have "another!" in celebration of the fact that - oh hey look the weekend is nearly here! Try something red and have our Red Espresso nice and hot as a Rooibos Cappuccino - or chill it out and have it as an Iced Tea.

Finally Friday

Finally Friday has arrived and all you can think about is that weekend stretching out ahead of you work free - if you don't work in the service industry of course. If you are one of the lucky ones about to lay back and languish in your weekend, or if you're one of those gearing up for the long haul why not grab our top medium roast capsule and enjoy the start to the weekend the way you want to.

Silent Saturday

The rooster may not crow for you on a Saturday morning, but the thought of a delicious cup of coffee could certainly get you up and going. Why not start the best day of the week off the elite way, with the Giovannis Premium Gold coffee capsules.

Lazy Sunday

The English poet Joseph Addison once said, "Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week." And that is exactly what we hope you get to do this Sunday, curled up with your favourite book, pet or people (order dependent on your personality and free will) and a cup of coffee with a shot of Lungo for the perfect Cappuccino. Ease into the coming week and remember that while you might not be able to buy happiness, you can buy a cup of coffee and that is 99% the same thing."