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Filter Coffee Flavours And Fantastic Brews

Posted on December 19, 2023

If you find yourself in need of some fantastic filter coffee, Coffee Capsules Direct is here to save the day. Whether you require a midday pick-me-up, a morning cuppa to kickstart your day, or a decaf delight to send you off to bed, we have the coffee products for you. From whole beans to ground coffee, our filter coffee range offers something for everyone.

In this quick read, we will be covering a few different types of coffee roasts, as well as the fantastic coffee flavours you can expect from our filter coffee range – from artisan Arabica blends to nutty light roasts hailing from South and Central America and Africa. We will also include some notable coffee products available on our online store to take your coffee routine to the next level.

Filter Coffee: Coffee Roasts

What exactly do we mean by coffee roast? Any coffee fanatic will already have an understanding of the intricate nature of coffee roasts, along with their own personal preferences. But for the newcomers who are just getting started, allow us to break it down for you. Coffee roasting refers to the heating process of green coffee seeds. Essentially, all of those delicious aromas and mouth-watering flavours are locked away inside those seeds and the roasting practice brings them out.

Coffee seeds start off green with a mild, grassy taste. They are eventually turned brown during the roasting process, giving us the coffee beans we know and love. During this phase, the beans take on a more smokey and bitter flavour profile. It is here where the various coffee roast flavours are forged. The flavour profile of the coffee bean will be largely determined by the roasting method, but the flavour can also be influenced by the geographical location of the coffee beans themselves.

With that cleared up, here are the most notable coffee roasts you can expect to come across at your local coffee shop:

Light Roast: Light roast coffee, also referred to as Blond Roast, has a mild acidic flavour. This is due to the short roasting time and low temperatures. In short, the longer coffee beans are roasted, the less acidic the flavour will be. Light roasts retain this acidic flavour and naturally high caffeine levels. This is achieved by roasting the beans only until the first “crack” in which the vapours within the seeds erupt with a loud popping sound.

For those looking for a sharp, acidic beverage to shake you awake in the morning, the light roast may just do the trick. As mentioned, this roast is also known to have an incredibly high caffeine level, meaning those who favour going fast over taking things slow will certainly have a taste for this kind of coffee roast.

Medium Roast: The medium roast is a significantly more popular option for the average coffee consumer. With a well-balanced flavour – slightly sweet, slightly acidic, and completely irresistible – this is a non-oily roast ideal for an everyday scenario. Also known as the American Roast, this method of coffee roasting heats up the beans until the second “crack”, lowering the acidic taste and forming a flavour better suited to the everyday civilian looking for a good cup of Joe.

Dark Roast: The dark roast boasts a significantly spicy flavour, courtesy of the internal oils of the coffee seed rising to the surface.This full-bodied roast has a lower acidity and often pairs well with a variety of coffee syrups. For a hearty cup of coffee perfect for experimenting, consider a dark roast for your coffee rituals.

Extra Dark Roast: While less popular than their lighter counterparts, extra dark roast beans boast a unique flavour of their own. Often heated until the beans are nearly black in colour, extra dark roast beans boast a bold and bitter smokey flavour. Often quite oily, these distinct beans offer this strong flavour profile without intense caffeine levels, making for a robust brew without the all-too-familiar coffee jitters.


Filter Coffee: Coffee Beans

Alongside the various roasts to consider, there are also two distinct types of coffee species; Arabica and Robusta. These coffee beans differ in their growing environments, flavour profiles and overall price. Arabica coffee beans are far more common than their Robusta counterparts, making up 60% of the world's coffee supply. Needless to say, these fragrant beans are a crowd favourite. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, is a little less popular due to its strong, bitter taste.

Here is a quick summary of the key differences between the two:

Arabica Coffee: Arabica coffee beans often have a softer, sweeter taste than Robusta beans, and flowery flavours with hints of berry. Since these beans are often difficult to grow and cultivate, they can be more expensive than Robusta beans too. However, the delightful flavours of these beans make up for the price increase and offer delicious cups of coffee that are sure to please your taste buds.

Robusta Coffee: Robusta coffee beans not only encompass a stronger, bolder flavour compared to Arabica beans, they also have a higher caffeine content. Interestingly enough, this caffeine count is double the amount found in Arabica beans and actually serves as a natural pesticide – with caffeine being a major deterrent to pests and diseases among plant species. This on its own makes Robusta beans much easier to grow and cultivate, and this success rate is increased by the coffee plants’ ability to grow in harsh conditions. Because of this convenience and low cost, Robusta beans can often be found in the form of instant coffee at your local grocery store.

Filter Coffee: Whole Beans & Ground Beans

So which is better; whole beans or ground coffee? The answer to this will be entirely dependent on your preferences and what you expect from your cup of coffee. Here at Coffee Capsules Direct, we stock and supply whole beans and ground coffee to cater to your unique tastes.

If you need a little more guidance on which filter coffee option will work best for you, here’s a break down of the pros and cons of both whole beans and ground coffee:

Whole Coffee Beans: One of the major upsides to choosing whole coffee beans is the simple fact that you are always guaranteed fresh flavours and distinct aromas. Whole coffee beans have to be ground up before you can begin the brewing process and this is great for those who want to preserve their coffee flavours to the last second.

When grinding your coffee beans yourself, you can also control the grind size, meaning you can pick a coarse grind for a distinct, sharp taste, or a finer grind for bolder flavours and less bitterness. In the same breath, the downside of opting for whole coffee beans is that you will need to invest in grinding equipment before you are able to brew your coffee, and it will also take you a little longer to get that final cup. This however, is only a con for those who value coffee on the go, and may just be ideal for anyone who enjoys a slow, ritualistic brewing process.


Ground Coffee: One of the most notable benefits of pre-ground coffee is the fact that you are able to shave off significant time on the brewing process. With pre-ground coffee there is no need to invest in additional grinding equipment and the process is much less labour intensive. This option is great for those coffee fiends who want their cup of coffee and want it now.

The downside to pre-ground coffee is that what you gain in speedy efficiency you lose a little in terms of flavour and aroma. While all of the pre-ground coffee we supply is securely packaged to preserve the flavours, pre-ground coffee cannot offer the same flavour intensity as whole coffee beans. This isn’t too much of a problem for many, but is important to note – especially for the dedicated coffee purists out there.

Filter Coffee From Coffee Capsules Direct

Now that you have a better understanding of the many different facets of being a coffee snob, allow us to walk you through some honourable mentions from our online store. We stock some of the best filter coffee brands South Africa has to offer, along with plenty of other coffee products to turn your kitchen into your very own coffee shop.

Whether you simply want some delicious coffee grounds to brew your morning cup, or you want to impress your guests with a broad spread of options the next time you have them over for lunch, Coffee Capsules Direct has what you need.

Here are a few filter coffee options available to you from Coffee Capsules Direct:

Importers Italian Coffee Beans/Grounds: With a 5/5 strength and dark chocolate notes, this decadent option cannot be ignored. The Importers Italian Coffee Beans offers artisan Arabica coffee bursting with aroma. These beans are hand-picked to make the full-bodied dark roast you desire. Dazzle your taste buds and dive into this delicious coffee experience brought to you by the renowned Importers Global Coffee.

Terbodore Salted Caramel Coffee Beans/Grounds: With 100% Arabica beans sourced from Indonisia, Brazil and Ethiopia, this flavoured coffee option is the perfect choice for a holiday treat. The buttery-smooth caramel flavour is perfectly complemented by the boldness of sea salt, making this option a divine sensation for your tastebuds. The esteemed Terbodore Coffee roasters have really pulled through with this flavourful option, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Uber Coffee Beans/Grounds: Uber Coffee brings you a delightful Italian Espresso blend boasting nutty flavours and a pleasant aftertaste. These beans are lightly roasted and pack a punch in the form of dark chocolate and nutty aromas. Mix it with milk, creamer, coffee syrups, or drink it as is – either way, you will not be disappointed with this smooth blend.


About Coffee Capsules Direct: Filter Coffee For All Occasions

Dedicated to supplying the perfect coffee products all over South Africa, Coffee Capsules Direct is on a mission. We strive to provide the highest level of service, expertise and, of course, the very best coffee products South Africa has to offer.

No order is too big, too small, or too complicated for us to handle and you can be sure that we will always do our utmost to improve your coffee experience one bean at a time. Don’t hesitate to browse our online store and let our extensive range of coffee products speak for itself.