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Fall in love with cappuccino art

Posted on February 3, 2017

Coffee Art is a fantastic and highly creative practice of making any and every sort of patterns on a cup of Joe. These magnificent creations were usually just available at coffee shops and the artist who creates this delectable form of art is called a ‘Barista’. But with your Capsule coffee machine you can practice this art form at home and create decorative designs on cappuccinos not only with milk but syrup too. By using a very simple technique you will be able to make stunning patterns and all the lovely shapes your heart desires.

Impress your friends at your next luncheon with a special treat you made yourself or invite the in laws and show off your new skill or surprise your honey bunny on Valentine’s Day with a sweet, pretty, hot drink with the heart pattern in the middle of the cup. This technique doesn’t require high quality equipment or ingredients. However, you must possess a keen attention to detail.

So, get yourself some sweet syrup and there you go “barista” in the making. Though it is not easy but, it’s no secret that practice makes perfect. And before you know it, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll master the art of creating stunning Lattes and Cappuccino’s. So, let your inner artist surface and show it off with some delicious mouth-watering hot beverages embellished with your syrup etching. And make a lasting impression on all the coffee lovers you know.

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