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Create a Coffee Date!

Posted on February 11, 2021

Romantic gestures do not have to be designated to Valentine's Day and anniversaries, especially when it comes to a mutual love of coffee between you and your partner. However, since many of us tend to leave things for the last minute; here is a last-minute idea for those who have not planned for Valentine's, or simply want to enjoy a pleasantly romantic coffee experience, created by you.

There are no strict guidelines for this one, but you will certainly need coffee or tea. The rest you can get creative with. The main idea is to create a romantic café experience for you and your partner, perhaps relive your first coffee date!

Furthermore, you could light some candles (there should be an abundance due to loadshedding), play some background music and set up a table with some pastries or treats you might enjoy. Next is to prepare your favourite coffee, and to give yourself that authentic café experience, you could have fun and try some cappuccino art or latte art. Serve up, relax and enjoy.

May you be dazzled by your own café creation!