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Coffee Syrup And Today’s Top Coffee Trends

Posted on September 10, 2023

If you’re a true coffee lover you may have heard of coffee syrup – a trend that has grown in popularity in coffee shops around the world. New coffee trends like coffee pods and home-brewing machines are inspiring creative recipes and methods of brewing coffee as never seen before. This article will take a closer look at the use of coffee syrup in some of your most loved beverages, as well as the various coffee trends that have taken the world by storm.


What Is Flavoured Coffee Syrup?

Flavoured coffee syrup can be a delicious addition to your favourite coffee recipes. They are usually made with a mixture of sugar, flavourings, and water. This syrup is then added to coffee, lattes, iced beverages, and sometimes even sodas and cocktails. Some popular coffee syrup flavours and combos on offer from Coffee Capsules Direct include:

How Can I Use Coffee Syrup At Home?

If you’re trying out flavoured coffee syrup at home for the first time, you might not know where to start. Here are a few great ways you can easily create luxury coffees and use coffee syrup at home. Get ready to impress your guests with something different, or simply spice up your daily cup of Joe.

It’s extremely easy to add coffee syrup to any type of hot coffee. You can brew your coffee however you like, and use any type of brewing method.

First, you make your favourite type of coffee, then add your syrup and stir until dissolved. For good flavour, it is recommended to use two tablespoons of coffee syrup per serving, but you can adjust this to your preference. You can easily add a few pumps of coffee syrup to your iced coffee recipes when blending. You can even add coffee syrup to your usual baking recipes for extra flavour or sweetness.

Today's Top Coffee Trends

With many new trends popping up, crafting your daily coffee can be an exciting experience. Whether you’re a Cappuccino, Latte, or Macchiato lover, there’s always room to explore something new. The following are a few of today's new and most popular trends any coffee enthusiast needs to try.

1. Coffee Pod Machines And Hands-Free Brewing

When it comes to getting your daily cup of coffee, sometimes ease and simplicity are all you need. Coffee capsules/pods stand above the rest when it comes to convenience. They have become trendy in 2023 as coffee lovers can now get their favourite beverage in seconds right from the comfort of their home or office. Even some restaurants and cafés have turned to coffee pods, which allow them to produce quality espresso coffee at the press of a button. Some of the top advantages of coffee pods include:

  • Pods and capsules keep the ground coffee inside fresher for longer.
  • Using a coffee pod machine means you can save time.
  • They are easy to use and create less mess.
  • The coffee inside the pod is perfectly ground with the ideal consistency for best extraction so no further skillset is required to get that perfect cup of coffee.

2. Coffee Syrup And Flavoured Beverages

Drinking the same coffee every day is good enough for most, but sometimes you just want to try something new. Coffee syrup is an easy way for you to be your own barista and personalise your beverages to your preferences. Coffee syrup has allowed menus to grow, and coffee drinkers to have even more choices than before. Our coffee syrup tastes great in hot coffee drinks and cold coffee drinks alike, and it can easily be added to just about any kind of dessert.

For coffee lovers with a sweet tooth, coffee syrup might be your new go-to. You can also further customise your beverage, perhaps mixing two flavours or adding some syrup to your flavoured coffee blends. Add some ice, cream, or a sprinkle of cinnamon – when you’re the barista, anything goes!

Another great advantage to coffee syrup is that you can add as much as you like, adding more for a strong intense flavour, or a small amount for a more subtle taste. You can add coffee syrups to any type of coffee, and it’s easy to get creative at home while crafting your own coffee recipes.

3. Sustainable Coffee

With a rise in climate issues in 2023 it is becoming increasingly popular for coffee lovers to turn towards more sustainable coffee products. Conscious customers are now more interested in where their coffee products and coffee syrups are sourced. It is becoming trendy for people to support businesses that make conscious environmental decisions and follow ethical practices.

Many coffee shops and businesses are now doing their best to minimise waste by encouraging coffee lovers to bring their reusable cups, or turning towards biodegradable packaging. The following are a few ways you can be more environmentally friendly when brewing coffee or enjoying your favourite beverages.

  • Opt for organic coffee and choose fair trade coffee brands
  • Buy coffee locally and support local coffee brands
  • Brew coffee at home in your coffee machine
  • Bring your reusable mug when ordering takeaway coffee
  • Recycle coffee packaging and compost your used coffee grounds
  • Use compostable and biodegradable coffee pods

4. Protein Packed Coffee

Protein coffee has become trendy on social media and health platforms and can now be found in many of your favourite coffee shops. It emerged as a way to turn your coffee into a more filling and energising beverage to kickstart your day. If you’re a breakfast skipper, having a protein coffee in the morning might be a good option for you. It is easy to make at home by adding your coffee or espresso to a pre-made protein shake.

Alternatively, collagen can easily be added to coffee recipes for extra protein. Collagen is becoming a popular option as it doesn’t change the taste or texture of your favourite coffee beverages. For extra protein, you can add high-protein milk to your coffee too.

5. Cold Foam On Coffee

We all love a frothed cappuccino or foam-topped coffee, but cold foam is quickly taking over. Cold foam is made from cold milk that is frothed and added to iced coffee or cold coffee recipes. If you add hot foam to cold coffee it immediately disappears, but the cold foam holds its shape and creamy frothy texture.

What’s great about cold foam is that you can easily flavour it with coffee syrup. Just imagine your iced Frappe Latte topped with luxurious vanilla foam. The possibilities are endless when it comes to coffee syrup and flavouring options.

6. Non-Dairy Coffee And Milk Alternatives

If you follow any of the biggest health trends you’ll see that dairy milk is quickly losing its popularity. Many reports show that over the years dairy milk sales have dropped dramatically, as more and more people choose to buy plant-based milk alternatives. As the popularity of plant-based milk spreads, many baristas and coffee shops give you an array of options to choose from. Some common milk alternatives include:

  • Soy milk
  • Oat milk
  • Almond milk
  • Macadamia nut milk
  • Pea milk
  • Coconut milk

Many people are opting for these milk options as a healthier alternative to dairy, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Plant-based kinds of milk are also often more sustainable than dairy as they use fewer resources during production. With plant-based milk popularity growing, you can now easily choose your favourite type of milk when ordering your coffee of the day.


Best Home Brewing Methods

Tons of methods and machines easily allow you to brew your coffee at home like a barista. Here are some of the world's most popular and easiest brewing methods you need to try at home.

  • The Plunger/ or French Press: This is one of the most classic and simple brewing methods. Most coffee lovers start their brewing journey with the plunger. This is because it is so simple and easy to use and makes a great Americano in minutes. The filter is built in and doesn’t ever need replacing, so there is no wastage in this brewing method.
  • The Moka Pot: Another classic and traditional way of brewing coffee is with the moka pot. This originated in Italy and is now used daily across the world. The moka pot is a coffee pot that can fit directly on your stove, and it is loved for the strong espresso it makes.
  • Coffee Pod Machines: Coffee makers like the Original Line Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machines have taken the world by storm. If convenience and quality coffee are important to you, then a coffee pod machine is the way to go. Making your morning coffee is as simple as popping a coffee capsule into your machine and whipping up a delicious cup of your choosing with the simple push of a button.

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