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Coffee Fact: Coffee Delivery via Drones

Posted on April 14, 2020

Imagine standing at your window and you see this drone swiftly making its way to your front door with the sweet precious cargo that is the favourite coffee you ordered online. Sounds pretty good, especially in critical times where social distancing is more important than ever.

The Australians have been working with Google’s parent company, Alphabet on developing drones set to deliver coffee, chocolate and over the counter medicines. The drones can reach a top speed of 120km p/h (no delays on the N1 here) and carry up to 5Kg.

The project is still going into its test phase, but will very soon be a reality for Australians, and maybe South Africans, in the near future, too. One thing seems to be clear: the world is changing, and it needs the change. Drones could be a very reliable option to ensure future deliveries are done timeously and safely, with very little direct human contact involved. Let’s at least have options!

While delivery by drone is super cool, we have received an official permit by the government that allows us to operate during lock down. We will deliver your coffee right to your door, with conventional delivery methods for now until drones are available ;). T&Cs apply