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Are you really drinking "only" coffee?

Posted on October 25, 2016

Warning! Sorry to tell you this, but your coffee machine has a dirty secret. It doesn’t matter if you drink 5 cups a day or hardly use your machine; you have to clean it regularly to make sure it gives you a fresh cup of coffee every time ensuring that there are no nasty surprises floating in your mug.

Tell me more about these floating surprises?

I guess we all want to think that we are drinking fresh coffee each time we hit the switch on our machine. Did you know that every time you make a coffee in your machine a layer of oil actually stays behind in the nozzle? I know right! It’s just like washing your cup out every time with water and no soap. You need to get in there to get it clean. You need to get it sparkling!

But why?

Coffee is a very oily beverage that hardens, so that build-up collects over time. Bacteria, just like us, unfortunately loves coffee. It could drink coffee all day long and feeds off the oil residue that is left behind.

What can I do?

Most of you might have descaled your machine before. But descaling alone will not solve your problem. You need to call in the FBI to get the job done properly. Descaling is very important, but it only removes lime scale from the internal parts of your machine and does not clean the brewing chamber (the part where your actual coffee is made). What you need is the Caffenu® cleaning capsule for Nespresso®, Caffeluxe and Nespresso® compatible machines. Tada! We can’t stress this enough as we have personally seen some of the mess in the machines.

Like a hoarder the machines are completely blocked, have poor coffee flow, and break as a result of build-up in the nozzle of your machine. And please do yourself a favour and do not void your warranty by taking your machine apart to see what’s inside. Rather just do what we tell you and pop a capsule in there. At least you’ll have the peace of mind that your machine is nice and clean. It has never been easier. Conscience free coffee all day long and no worrying about any nasty surprises.

Watch our little video to see how a descaler works compared to the cleaning capsule on your coffee machine:

Caffenu® is the only brand which gives you a one stop cleaning solution for your coffee machine

To keep your machine maintained at all times, do the following: 1. Run a shot of just water at least once a day through your machine. That cleans out at least some of the dirt. 2. Use one Caffenu® cleaning capsule after every 30 coffees made. That might be once a week, or once a month. If you do not use your machine a lot, use it at least once a month. Bacteria also loves dormant warm coffee machines. 3. Descale your machine by putting the Caffenu® liquid descaler in the water tank of your machine. You only need to descale every 3-6 months, depending of the water hardness in your area. Only a clean machine makes the perfect coffee!