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A Delightful Union of Coffee and Poetry

Posted on March 19, 2021

Some things in this world simply go hand-in-hand. Salt & Pepper, Bread & Butter and of course Coffee & Poetry. Because let's be honest, coffee can get those creative juices flowing.

Coffee has inspired great poets since its introduction to society. They have used coffee as their metaphors for life, love, and the pursuit of life's meaning.

We know that Poe had a strong penchant for coffee, as described in a letter by one of his fiancées: “Mr. Bartlett has never seen him inspired by any more dangerous stimulant than strong coffee, of which he was very fond & of which [he] drank freely.” and every coffee lover has quoted TS Elliot’s famous line of his poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”– “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons…”

In celebration of World Poetry Day on 21 March, we found the perfect poem about... You guessed it, COFFEE!

So make your favourite hot beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy this poem about the one thing that unites us all.


I love a cup of coffee, I like a brew or two
A mocha or a latte either one will do

I love a cup of coffee a cappuccino hits the spot
Sprinkle it with chocolate and serve it piping hot

I love a cup of coffee a short black or a long
Just push that little button and make it nice and strong

I love a cup of coffee espresso or flat white
And don’t add any sugar as the taste is always right

I love a cup of coffee a macchiato is just fine
I’d rather have a coffee than have a glass of wine

I love that little coffee bean dark or mild or light
No matter what the time of day, morning, noon or night

So if I haven’t made it clear I’ll say it one more time
I love a cup of coffee …. is it your shout or is it mine?

Jennifer Bates