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A Brief History of the Coffee Capsule

Posted on March 11, 2021

The variety of coffee capsules available today is immense; we are spoilt for choice, and can enjoy pretty much any beverage from coffee, hot chocolate, flavoured coffees to tea in a capsule. Capsules even come in various shapes and sizes to suit various capsule coffee machines. So let's just say the capsule sure has come a long way since its inception!

The idea of capsule coffee dates back to 1975 (not that far back!), when Swiss engineer and inventor, Éric Favre, eagerly wanted to prove to his wife Anna-Maria that he could make the best espresso. The eager engineer and his wife made their way to Italy in pursuit of the finest espresso. It was in Italy where they found inspiration, and, of course, great coffee.

The curious couple noted that many locals frequented a specific coffee bar and resolved to learn tricks of the trade from that bar by questioning staff. The bar’s barista generously let the couple in on the secret to their brew. It revealed that the barista’s method of pumping the espresso was key to releasing the flavours and aromas of the ultimate espresso. Mr. Favre had a lightbulb moment and made a prototype espresso machine to mimic the process.

He then concluded that the perfect espresso was a frothy espresso, which consisted of air, water, and coffee oils. Mr. Favre then invented a sealed coffee capsule with air trapped in it before forcing water through, brewing a frothy espresso.

Éric Favre was working for Nestlé® at the time and had a hard time convincing the company of his revolutionary creation. It was only 10 years later, in 1986 when the company permitted Mr. Favre to launch Nespresso® and the ever so popular Nespresso® capsule.

Today Nespresso® is the market leader when it comes to providing consumers with capsule coffee machines. However the capsules itself are often provided by other leading brands who provide premium coffee at a more affordable price to Nespresso®.

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