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10 Jobs Where You Need Coffee To Survive

Posted on April 30, 2015

Let´s be honest. You are in the office, you are at work. If you got a job to do, you reach for a cup of coffee. There is quite a large amount of studies about coffee habits, and they all seem to point in a similar direction. Younger workers are particularly big coffee drinkers. And don’t think those who start their day with a cup won’t double-down later. In fact, one study says that around 63 percent of coffee drinkers have more than one coffee during the day. But there are certain professions that apparently need more coffee than others, especially when working long hours, they need the coffee to physically get through the day. So specifically for Workers Day, these are the TOP TEN of a recent study. HERE IS THE 10 JOBS WHERE YOU NEED COFFEE THE MOST TO SURVIVE Number TEN: IT Managers   Number NINE: Engineering Technicians engtech             Number EIGHT: Teachers and Instructors teachers                   Number SEVEN: Business Executives and Managers business               Number SIX: Editors, Writers and Media Workers media                 Number FIVE: Nurses and Doctors nurses-doctors                 Number FOUR: Marketing and PR Professionals marketing-pr                 Number THREE: Scientists scientists           Number TWO: Sales Representatives call-centre-sales-rep                   Number ONE: Food Preparation and Service workers restaurant-food-service                 DO YOU AGREE? TELL US IN THE "LEAVE A REPLY" SECTION BELOW WHICH JOB YOU THINK IS MISSING HERE