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Coffee on the braai

Posted on October 17, 2016

Hello Summer – we’ve been waiting for you! Warm evenings and later sunsets call for alfresco dining. We welcome the opportunity to heat up the coals in our braais and enjoy outdoor cooking. Truly there is nothing more peaceful than sitting around the fire and watching the sun go down sipping on your favourite cuppa joe, so why not bring your mates over and opt to brew your coffee on the braai this summer – Voortrekker style!

Brew your coffee on the fire bru

Brewing your coffee on the fire takes us back to an age before “coffee-on-the-go”, to a time when we paid attention to the method used and knew that the end result would be worth the effort. Not many things in life are more "old school" or rustic and traditional than coffee brewed on the fire. Over the years the method of coffee making has been modified and modernised but the actual method is very similar in style. Coffee is relatively simple to make on open fire. The components remain the same: Coffee, water, something to cook it in and a fire.


In order to get the best flavour out of your coffee we suggest you get those coals hot, hot, hot as the coffee needs good heat to boil the water quickly. However once the percolation starts, lower heat is needed to allow for proper extraction creating a more flavourful cup of coffee. Something to take note of is the type of coffee you use, typically the stronger the roast the better the flavour. Stove top espresso makers have been around since the 1930’s and today these low tech machines are still one of the best ways to make the perfect brew on the coals. Otherwise a stainless steel Coffee Percolator set on the coals is the most uncomplicated option for a perfect coffee.

Practice makes perfect so take your time and after a couple of tries, you will be an expert in brewing your coffee flawlessly. Feel free to browse through a selection of coffee flavours, blends and roasts here at Coffee Capsules Direct. For more ideas on brewing coffee the old fashioned way click here.