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Coffee eggnog, Malawian style

Posted on November 8, 2016

There is nothing better than a cup of velvety vanilla eggnog goodness to start the festive season or celebration you might be having at home. Coupled with a shot of brandy or rum and you are on your way to having a guaranteed good time. Caution though, don’t have too many of these or you could land up on your ear.

It’s a relatively easy recipe that most of us know already from helping mom or dad make it back in the day. Basically add everything together and blitz! Just joking. We will handle this recipe with the respect it deserves. Here’s what you will need ingredients wise.


  • 2 cups whole milk or 1/4 litre
  • 1/4 cup double cream
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 double espresso shot of coffee
  • 1 Bottle of your preferred rum or brandy

We suggest you try our Espresso Dark Roast. This darkly roasted blend of premium Arabica beans from South America and Africa delivers a full-bodied, well-rounded bold taste which fits in perfectly with this recipe.


Step 1: Pour the 2 cups of whole milk into a deep saucepan and heat slowly until it comes to a bubble boil. Be careful not to let it go to a rolling boil or the milk will curdle and you’ll have to start again.

Step 2: Allow to simmer for a while. Don’t start on that brandy just yet.

Step 3: Next separate the yolks of the four eggs from the whites and add the yolks to the sugar. Beat the eggs and sugar with a whisk until light in colour and fluffy to the touch – Like Despicable me fluffy, if you’ve seen it.

Step 4: Now you need to temper the eggs to make sure both liquids are similar in temperature – you don’t want to end up with sugary scrambled eggs. Not even I go that far. Start by adding a tablespoon at a time of the milk to the egg mixture. Add tablespoon by tablespoon gradually and mix until warm. Once the temperature nearly matches that of the milk, add the rest of the egg mixture to the pan. Now add the double cream, vanilla and nutmeg and gently heat through while stirring regularly.

Step 5: Next make a double espresso shot with your Espresso Dark Roast Pods from Coffee Capsules Direct. Place this in the bottom of your glass with a single shot of rum or brandy.

Step 6: Strain the eggnog with a sieve and pour into your glass. Add some nutmeg or even a cinnamon stick for garnish and you done.

Make this recipe warm or cold; just remember to wait until the espresso coffee has cooled down before adding it to the egg. Perfect for hot summer evenings or chilly winter days. Feel free to browse through a selection of coffee flavours, blends and roasts here at Coffee Capsules Direct. Click here for the original recipe.