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Will other coffee capsules break my Nespresso machine?

Posted on September 27, 2017

Of course, you are concerned. You spent quite a bit of money on this Nespresso® coffee machine. And you´ve also been told that other coffee capsules than original Nespresso® will melt in your machine, break it, shorten the life span, you are just not prepared to take the risk, right? The question I hear you ask is: “Won’t using other pods break my machine? Will it void my warranty?” Thankfully, someone else answered that question for you.

Court ruling against Nespresso®

In Europe Nestlé (owners of Nespresso®) were taken to court to stop telling consumers that using other pods will break their machines, as it is not true.

Compatible capsules have come a long way. Sometimes it might feel harder to close the lever, depending on the type of Nespresso® machine you have. This ensures correct sealing and seating of the coffee capsule in the capsule chamber, but it does not affect the actual working of the machine.

Using those capsules will not damage your machine in the short or long term or affect the lifespan of your machine. Even if you use compatible capsules, Nespresso® has to by law grant the warranty on your machine. In the article it states: "Nespresso has agreed to refrain from discouraging the use of competitors’ capsules and will also extend the warranty on its coffee machines even if a customer has used non-Nespresso capsules, the authority said." Read the full article here.

Tested: Compatibility guaranteed

Coffee Capsules Direct only supplies you with products that have been thoroughly tested to fit into every Nespresso® machine on the market. We are so confident that our products will keep your machine in good working order, that we will replace your machine should it break as a result of using our coffee capsule (Guarantee valid if capsules were purchased directly from us through our Online Store).

Thankfully, this is yet to happen, and Coffee Capsules Direct continues to enjoy a 100% success rate. . If you are not 100% happy with the products you purchased with us, return them to us and receive a refund. It's as easy as that!