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Layered latte in a glass

Posted on September 1, 2016

When it comes to serving coffee in a glass, few things look as impressive as a layered latte. Stunningly visual, yet easy to make if you know how. With this instruction guide, we explain how to make such an impressive-looking layered latte in just four easy steps. Serving visually enticing coffee in a glass this way has never been easier, and will bring you that much closer to making that perfect coffee…

How to make a layered Latte

  • Step 1: Start by whipping up a double espresso using your choice of coffee – perhaps something to the likes of the Dark Roast Coffee Capsules. Initially, collect the espresso by using any type of cup, as it will be added to the clean serving glass (340ml) later to achieve that impressive layered look.
  • Step 2: With the espresso extracting, you can steam an appropriate amount of milk in a steaming jug in the meanwhile. For means of the layering effect, place the wand about 3 cm below the surface, then turn on the steam. To make the milk start swirling in a circular motion, adjust the angle. As the milk is steaming, lift the wand closer to the surface until you hear a frothing noise. Then, lift and lower the wand interchangeably until the milk reaches a temperature of about around 60°C.
  • Step 3: Now pour the prepared milk into a clean latte glass, making sure to leave enough room for the espresso. In order to achieve that striking layered look, gently tap the glass on the counter top to make the big bubbles dissipate.
  • Step 4: Finally, pour the espresso into the glass over the back of a spoon – slowly. As you do this, the espresso would ideally filter through the bubbles on top and go to rest on the smaller bubbles nearer the bottom. This will result in that layered look. Once the layered latte look has been achieved, be sure to twist the glass a few times so to keep the layers from merging together. The result? A perfectly, impressively looking latte by using your selection from our range of awesome coffee capsules.